Supply Chain
supplypngTo outreach the global business requirements of our clients, we offer supply chain services to the clientele, and forecast an aim to deliver the quality resources.Our skilled professional’s implements advanced technologies and functions to deliver quality services to our business partners. Our services are reliable, efficient and less costly, thus providing the customer a satisfied result.

Having more supply chain partners depicts that we are progressing proactively towards to goal.We implement advanced and synchronized industry standards and process, including innovative technologies with better inventory control.Supply Chain Management (SCM) helps in managing the changing dimensions of the enterprises. We ensure organization meet their goals within optimized costs and improved profitability. We help in streamlining supply chain processes, improvising sourcing and procurement services with improved productivity.Now days, customer expect everything in hand within a short while. Due to this, companies are launching several products instantly, and providing the customers very user friendly operations to get the product or the services. Customer satisfaction, loyalty, are the major aspects which are focused these days.

CloudBigD Supply Chain services are:

  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Spend Analytics
  • Product Development Planning
  • Order Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Planning and MDM Configuration Support
  • Manufacturing Scheduling and Forecasting
  • Logistics and Customer Support
  • Vendor Relationship Management

Our advanced tools, technologies, and in-depth cross industry expertise has make us a competing leader in the industry. We are still growing in order to facilitate our customer requirements as better as we can.Presently, we are handling numerous clients, globally, and mainly offering:

  • Industry Based Supply Chain BPO Services
  • Client Analysis
  • Technology Assessment
  • Demand Management
  • Production Management
  • Financial Supply Chain
  • IT Services