securityAt CloudBigD,we are obstinate in keeping track with the ever evolving information security systems. Our teams of skilled and experienced IT security professionals are always on the move in discerning novel ideas and tools to address cyber security issues.

Although the boom in the technology has paved new ideas and platforms for a better business performance, its negative impact cannot be underestimated. With the increase in the networking and information accessibility, cyber-attacks like unauthorized access, malware attacks, phishing etc. are most common. On a small scale they may not be able to harm the victim but on a larger scale, activities like password mismanagement, hidden information breach, legal rights mishandling, misusing admin privileges etc. could result in a drastic loss of revenue, market value and eventually the business.

At CloudBigD we are determined in providing an association with optimized strategies for information security systems. These breaches and unauthorized access can be detrimental if not fatal. However we provide services to ensure the business and policies remains absolutely attack free and safe.

CloudBigD  Security Services
Data Accessibility & Management
In order to keep the track of data and its accessibility, we provide solutions like data construction and resourcing, data access management, data authentication service and data configuration management

Security Services and Cyber Attacks
Programs like anti-malware, anti-phishing, transaction security management and spyware monitoringare being employed. These programs are continuously updated to keep the recent track of the cyber technology arena.

Information consulting and Management
For a more appropriate and authentic management of the legal valuable information, we have expert tools like System security construct, system security design, Data security assessment and authenticity and authorization analysis.

Standard security tools and solutions
Besides security assessment and solutions, CloudBigD  also thrives to meet the business ends from information management point of view. Routers, Firewall, VPN, encryption services and host servers, we provide an expert solution for all your IT needs.

 Why Choose Us?
At Cloud data we offer 24X7 monitoring and analysis to our customers and on time management to address all their information security needs.Our services in the current matter are in acquiescence with regulatory policies to ensure a transparent and strengthen customer satisfaction.Collaboration and working with high-end expert professionals in the field for an extensive and well approached strategy.Expert and capable ideology to interpret threats in a more complex multi-variate atmosphere.