Workplace services
ap3What’s on the platter?
Addressing the complex end-user services
We are determined to maintain a more advanced desk services to meet the needs of the mobile users. In order to fully justify the requisites of high-end devices and mobility, we provide a more radical approach for managed and well-defined solutions to pursue management problems, desk operations and monitoring user contentment levels in a more sophisticated and consistent manner.

Equipment care
For any successful establishment, it is more than essential to keep the equipments and other office instruments in best of their health. More often we tend to ignore these elemental tools until they are either exhausted or run of their lives. Thus we provide proper equipment care facility to keep the equipments updated, their softwares free from malwares and spywares etc. and are run longer. These services are provided by thoroughly analyzing the atmosphere, their current condition and managing optimum device output.

Custom Installation and Deployment
From packaging, transportation, unpacking, assembling, installing and connecting until termination of the process, we keep the track of all these procedure to boost maximum productivity without risking any wastage of time and effort. Besides this, we maintain a keen eye on the latest products and technology to keep the equipments up-to-date while managing the cost and the associated challenge.

What makes Cloud Data an optimum choice for your workplace solution?

  • Strong official connections with major infrastructure groups to provide on-time and authentic solutions and services while managing a multi-project contracts.
  • Provides workplace facility and managing them from a common point of accessibility. This central zoning strategy keeps the services accessible, reproducible and easy to manage in order to optimize production quality and addressing the corporate needs.
  • Keeping a well-paced and documented tools and technical assistance at hand for any issue, should it occur.

At Cloud Data we ensure to keep the services well versed with business standards as per the corporate norms.