Human capital management
huCloudBigD Technologies is also engaged Human capital management services. Whether you are operating in a number of countries or just a single country, we provide cost effective services for supporting your work strategy. You must be looking for people who are enthusiastic, good communicators, sound analytical skills and who show intellectual curiosity and ingeniousness. Considering these things, we have employed skilled human capital management service providers, who understand operations, technology, people and progressions.

Managing human capital (HCM), as an independent aspect of the organization, is itself a quite hectic process owing to its individual capital maintenance and the cost effectiveness. However, the proper application of the capital management provides the enterprises the analytics and the tools for optimizing the efficacy of human capital management aspect of the organization. Besides retaining the high-performance benefits, it also increases business profitability that too in an objective manner.

Features of CloudBigD Technologies – HCM
Our mainline solution provides a reliable and comprehensive array of services, technical support and follow-up services as a whole complete package. This is to ensure your business never runs out of resources and strategies on the go.

  • Optimizing designs for effectively complementing the business operations and the platforms associated.
  • Automated and digitalized management of administrative and labor resource in order to reduce complexity and vagueness.
  • Global outsourcing services to comply with the different regulatory bodies to ensure smooth running of the business and management processes.

Our HCM services
Some of the important HCM services have been indicated to assist you in your daily human resource management.

Human Resource Analytics: With our latest tools and web-based algorithms, we provide one of the most robust and effective methods for workforce, staffing and productivity. These services are professionally tested for their reproducibility and agility.
Workforce Management: Fast, efficient and well-maintained strategy to deploy effective mean of managing labor or human resource asset. While maintaining the efficiency cost, it ensures appropriate division among different forte in an organization.
Resource Delivery Systems: With our comprehensive and versatile delivery system, be ensured for the rapid and cost-friendly deployment of workforce so as to maintain and enhance the productivity outcomes at the same time.
Central Human Capital Management: For a more secure and easily accessible domain in HCM, we deploy central servers to manage database and information modules.

Talent Acquisition
Our web-enabled talent acquisition system aims at deploying means to attract and retain skilled, loyal and competitive workforce for a better productivity enhance business outcome. CloudBigD Technologies human capital practices will be helpful in creating people plan depending upon today’s business transformations, starting from employing new technologies to developing shared services.

First of all, we will understand your business requirements and identify the needed skill sets and performance you require. After this, we develop a road map for changes and describe processes required for recruiting, performance development and management, career planning and succession and knowledge transformation. In the final stages, we generate performance evaluation for measuring the effectiveness of new HR strategy, which will help you to know the return of investment. Ever since the establishment of our firm, we have helped numerous firms to come out of human capital management problems, capitalize opportunities, address confrontations.

We undertake human capital management services for a large array of clients that includes several industries like Telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities and energies, insurance, healthcare and financial services. Today, CloudBigD Technologies have become a leading firm in human capital management services and this is not only due to many years of experience, but also the efforts, we have kept in all the time. Many organizations have taken the advantage of our marvelous human capital management services and now it’s your turn to reap the benefits of our sophisticated services at cost effective prices.