Sales and Customer Services (CRM)
strrrFor any Business or Industry or Enterprise to boom up in the market what required is the support of expert customer service professionals. The sales and customer service professionals works as a base pillars for the enterprise growth and helps them in acquiring a stable position in the market. We at CloudBigD help our clients in accelerating the growth and productivity, and simultaneously reducing the customer care investments. We help the sales professional through our sales transformation strategies, to understand the deep details about sales cycle.

Some of the benefits which ClodBigD’s Sales and Customer Services (CRM) provides are:

  • Threat Optimization
  • High Profitability
  • Increased Number of Sales
  • Inventory Control
  • Synchronization of Sales Operations
  • Market stability
  • Potential
  • Revenue
  • Expanded Sales Channels
  • Broad sales and Other Market

We implement the sales process and measures, during each step and provide the improvements whenever required in the sales lifecycle. By collaborating with our clients we identify the gaps and work accordingly to produce the better sales result
Some of our services are:

  • Developing comprehensive sales processes
  • Initiating sales effectiveness programs
  • Implementing sales force automation technology procedures
  • Monitoring operations through dashboards
  • Developing easy-to-use dashboards for monitoring operations (performance and pipeline)
  • Implementing training and sales management sessions
  • Optimizing customer-focused initiatives across multiple channels, through integrated data approaches
  • Implementing incentive-based compensation management programs
  • Adapting advanced and effective Sales Process Design
  • Providing sales technology support to the professionals

Post-operative customer care management is one of the prime aspects by which organizations retain valued customers. Not only this is beneficial in building customer relation but also helps organizations increase productivity and accelerate operation-driven growth. After sales services significantly affect the breadth and capabilities by which an organization carry out business operations. Immediate focus and comprehensive management help in building networks that further enhance the profitability of the organization.CloudBigD helps organizations with broad range of solutions in customer management and after sales procurement. We aim at reducing customer-related costs and increase customer experience withour intense, technology-driven customer management solutions. This, in turn, affects the economic and business value of organizations and helps retaining significant customers for long time.

Our Solutions
Sales Optimization and Strategy
We offer some of the most robust and comprehensive range of sales optimization solutions to help organizations reduce competitive threats, enhance value-driven production, and improve profitability. Our solutions span the length and breadth of technology-oriented strategies so as to engage prospective customers with improved production, optimized scaling, and focused sales across different levels of the production chain.

Production Enhancement and Customer Engagement
We assist organizations in reducing cost-associated operations and other complexities in order to reduce time-to-production and enhance profitability. Additionally, our solutions improve production by maximizing customer-oriented product outcomes and reducing time-to-market for customer engagement.

Customer Care Management
We provide organizations the necessary CRM solutions to enhance relationships between the operation executive and the customer through informed knowledge, better communication of the product information, maximizing product outreach, and engaging customer for feedback and constructive criticism.Additionally, our CRM solutions include sales enhancement strategies, leveraging on current technologies and operation strategies to accelerate performance in time-driven industry.

Our Business Advantage
Our solutions are backed by gamut of latest technologies and integrated with years of experience in customer engagement and sales enhancement. Some of the key aspects that benefit the organizations significantly are:
• Comprehensive sales initiative strategy
• Improved customer engagement
• Smart analytics to monitor and evaluate sales and prospective approaches for future production
• Efficient management tools to increase product quality, shelf-life, and value for money