Community Engagement

Cloud BigD’s community engagement is tailored to the specific needs of our communities, but the driving principle is the same: to promote learning opportunities that are widely accessible, stimulating and enriching. We would like to focus on education initiatives by helping to fill the void in basic education in remote communities, as well as to improve the disparities in educational opportunities due to income level and gender. We are dedicated to helping prepare students for the future of work. To ensure a skilled, knowledge-based workforce that can continue to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges is the end result we would like to have in these initiatives. This can be done by improving the effectiveness of educational programs, increasing access to academic opportunity, stimulating an interest in science and technology.

Our efforts will be exemplified by designing a Future program, which can spark young people’s interest in science and technology disciplines by creating innovative ideas and hands-on learning opportunities. We dream of an emergent nation full of talent which can be provided to the world over requirements to create and develop a world which is easy and comfortable to live in. We have plenty of talents in our neighborhood which are undiscovered or not tapped. We would like to put our humble efforts to search and find the talent innovativeness which are hidden and bring them to the forefront for a better tomorrow.
Through our services, and our people, we are constantly driving the initiatives to help people and communities create opportunities so as to enhance the standards of living and making life easier and convenient. Annually, Cloud BigD promotes events and proposals to enrich the communities with educational opportunities, practical technology involvement and fortify knowledge-based workforce to a better and greener tomorrow.At Cloud BigD, we align our solutions and services to have maximum affectivity on the community from the aspects of business enhancement, clientele development and transparent and ethical practices to address challenges. Our people are trained professional, who are constantly engaging, at all levels, to return from their end toward the community they strive in. In order to incur the themes of education, IT-enabled technology and future, we have undertaken certain procedures and involvement strategies to enable a deep and productive engagement.

Community Challenges and Requisites
• Lack of awareness among masses with regards to the mode of operation and solutions being offered
• Lack of encouragement for people to get involved and associated en masse

Our Activities
Though recently, we have established ourselves as one of the most dynamic and proactively engaging group of people who are thoughtful and concerned toward a better community establishment for a better and awakening future.
Our activities mostly span:
• Financial Associations
• Volunteering and Community Help
• Fundraising and Promotions
• Global Initiatives
• Enterprise Education and Support

Cloud BigD has always been keen to invest time and effort in organizational support around diverse communities. We are always performing with a keen eye so as to look for opportunities where we can devise our offerings and volunteer for different courses, engagements and initiatives. Ever always, we have been making collaborations with leading and start-up enterprises toward sustainable and productively sound outcomes.We extend our support, whole-heartedly, to local and national groups of people who are working for the right cause toward a more efficient and productive future.