Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
dcenWe provide you services that help you scale your progress, analyze and manage data of your organization. Business Intelligence is an integration of various software applications to measure your organisation’s performance to achieve business goals. In simple terms converting raw data into active and meaningful one to help your customers as well as the organization to analyze impeccably.

For most of the organizations, the realization of their potential business outcomes is seldom attained. Despite many factors, unstructured information, poor data management and poor data quality, large stock of outdated systems for managing data could be the prime aspects. With the onset of the technology and digitalization of the data and its management, the unstructured picture has transformed; however, more drastic change is yet to be unearthed.

CloudBigD Technologies’ Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions address the aforementioned challenges in a more structure way so as to assist the organizations, companies and industries reach the potential business, their asset allows.

Business Intelligence(BI) include: 
Reporting: In this process the comprehensive data would delivered such that it is accessible, both internally and externally.
Analysis: Deriving a relationship within the group of data.
Data Mining: Generating most useful and original data from the existing data.
Data quality and interpretation: Correlation between the data is done at this stage.
Predictive analysis: It is the most crucial stage where prediction and probabilities are enumerated.

Meeting Challenges
Our services ensure:
Data structure and resiliency– Enhancing the structure of the data, minimizing redundancy and promote functionality of the data through integrated data management
Efficient business with integrated warehousing– Decreasing complexity and tangled operations through more robust and efficient operational systems, programs and applications
Data compartmentalization– Using medium such as social and digital, transforming the data into easily accessible and manageable data

Our Services

  • Intelligent business through strategic enhancement and intelligent operations
  • Managing data warehouses through proper application of consultation and deploying effective restoring algorithms
    Strategic auditing and data efficiency
  • Service-operation interface and business intelligence frame working
  • Cross-networking operations, data mining and structures assays, data warehouse store upgradation
  • Data modelling and intelligence support
  • Data reporting and warehouse testing
  • BAM – Business Activity Monitoring solutions
  • Data latency and redundancy
  • Global Process Transformation – Qualitative as well quantitative assays
  • Data Channeling Solutions

Our Data Management services offer diverse range of solutions to enhance and maintain the quality of the data for reproducibility and improving data lifecycle. These services are holistic in nature and are impetus for the efficient organizational features and inputs so as to make the business process productive in nature. With our intimate collaboration with some of the technology gurus and organizations, our services are robust, practical and transforming in its own segment.

In this highly competitive market critical analysis of the business is mandatory to survive and grow more. Business Intelligence solutions offered by CloudBigD Technologies helps you, multiply your growth.

Data Warehousing:
We offer services to collaborate huge chunks of your data from various sources and rendering them friendly to the end users without affecting your strategic budget plan. Dataware house can handle big data and meet requirements of businesses that need larger data management.

Dataware house creates an environment that helps manage data appropriately in a structured format transport it, and other various applications to deliver it to the end users. On the whole data is used effectively with data warehouse architecture solutions provided by the CloudBigD Technologies. Data integration from various sources plays a key role, systematically and structural storage of the data benefits end users to access data without any hassle.

Data Ware Housing services offered by us include:
Organized management of the data. Integration of various data sources. Dataware housing is the unique methodology to manage big data in the current scenario. We provide you various solutions to your business needs.