Global Engineering
greenitCloudBigD Technologies Global Engineering services provide clients some of the most resilient and comprehensive engineering solutions to overcome development costs, minimize time-to-lead operations and business support for product manufacturing and optimization analysis.
Our integrated complexity, along with technological advancements aim to associate time-to-market facility of the products, product development and marketing with efficient designs to manage the business efficacy and product marketing across the available precinct.

In order to foster business efficiencies and improved product development strategies, is is imperative to deploy and leverage services to meet the client challenges.
• Producing a market-enabled cost development plan
• Cost for advanced research and technology innovation
• Featuring new product characteristics for market value and optimized growth
• Management cost related to supply chain and meeting regulatory compliances

CloudBigD global delivery approaches provides clients expertise in delivering the better operations and quality results. The approach also helps in providing better productivity and reliability to the cooperative, with the increasing network. We help the clients in meeting their business challenges, simultaneously providing them a long term commitment.

CloudBigD  Technologies Global Engineering Solutions
Product Manufacturing and time-to-market Management – Product lifecycle management consultation, product application in the market and marketing resource support
Embed Systems for Deployment and Strategy – Managing product design, manufacturing and engineering operations, mechanical aspects and automation, efficient engineering solutions
Engineering Operation Safety – Analysis and safety of procedures, enhanced system-based assessment and cloud computing for easy access
Engineering Simulation Design – Boost productivity, efficiency and market resiliency, better returns on market leverage, rapid product outsourcing
Technical Support and Offshore Consultation – Domain support integrated with high-performance delivery, offshore consultation practices, regulatory compliance and market-oriented engineering support and documentation
Product Ownership – Optimized strategies for product ownership through reduced cost and effectiveness of the market share, proper dissemination of the raw material, keen assessment of returns and investment
Marketing Operations – Properly channeled and designed marketing operation for enhanced visibility and efficacy of the marketed products

CloudBigD  Technologies provide the process-driven, value-added global engineering solutions for outsourcing, product enhancement and better business outcomes through its smart GES. Our services span across automotive, oil and gas, utilities distribution and efficient transportation, aerospace, industrial manufacturing and defense services.

Our expert professional deals with the diverse gamut’s of cooperative, globally to outreach the client requirements. CloudBigD global delivery network is getting bigger day by day. We collaborate with the leading organizations to provide up-to-the-mark satisfaction level to the client. Our standard approaches help us in increasing the time optimization, on the other hand simultaneously reducing the cost aspects.

With a proven track record of providing expertise services, we deal with several clients and helps them in attuning high performance.Our solely mission is to provide services to as many organization we can, and to deliver tangible business outcomes. We manage a long-term association with our clients to deliver the best results.

Global Engineering solutions provide world class IT services to our clients. Our global outreach program helps us in dealing with the new customers and existing customers. We follow the business guidelines for better business optimization. Our solutions provide speed and higher productivity to the clients, and allow them to work in competitive pressures environment.

CloudBigD global engineering deliverables are:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing Process Engineering
  • Global Engineering Center
  • Controls & Industrial Automation
  • Product Engineering
  • Staffing Solutions

We are in the industry from past so many years, In these years we have grown stronger by meeting the key business objectives of several enterprises. CloudBigD innovative approach in product engineering, process engineering, manufacturing process engineering, embedded systems, controls and industrial automation have led to extend its capabilities.