airMining industry provides some of the most conducive and productive environment for organizations and industries to drive their profit. Not only does the industry have a fertile market of consumers but also the conversion ratio and the associated is quite healthy. However, it would be insolent to consider only one aspect of the industry, whereas certain unpredictable challenges are nevertheless ignored.

CloudBigD provides some of the most comprehensive and versatile range of IT solutions for the mining industry to address the most resilient challenges of the same. These challenges, although complex, are seldom dealt with by most of the organization due to lack of support, technical assistance and means to address.Our IT solutions provide a unique amalgamation of the systems technology, operation automation, in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to complement your conventional strategies to address these mining challenges more ardently.

Industry Challenges
Mining industry provides numerous business opportunities for organizations and industries. However, to efficiently score these opportunities it quite a hectic task per se. From catering to the needs of the dynamic market, consumer demands to more technical challenges, our emergent IT mining solutions promises to be comprehensive, robust and user-defined during the course.
Some of the key challenges associated with the industry are as follows:

  • Enterprise conditioning monitoring
  • Operation automation
  • Supply chain management
  • Mining operations and resource deficit
  • System value integration
  • Value-added practices

Our Solutions
CloudBigD’s IT mining solution leverages current practices in the emerging technical and industrial field. Thus, we are ardent to keep track of the pattern and tool-system amalgamation with the specific industry-specific challenges for an optimum and resilient operation-defined approach.CloudBigD’s long-standing IT mining solutions, backed by technology support and deep-industry expertise, aim to real-time monitoring and automation solutions to mining industries, organizations and enterprise. We help modulate planning, optimization and production procedures in a more comprehensive and radical manner.

Manufacturing and Operation
We provide IT-specific, customized solutions to effectively manage manufacturing procedure and deploy good manufacturing practices for the conventional platform. Our solutions are:

  • Efficient raw material utilization
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Upstream operations capability
  • Monitoring using pre-built automated analytical models
  • Enhanced manufacturing framework for energy-efficient and cost-effective operations

Performance Management
CloudBigD’s IT-enabled statistical and analytical solutions help evaluate and chart the prospective as well the current schemes of events. This includes:

  • Run-time assessment
  • Real-time information on the mobile plant
  • Plant processing and evaluation
  • Production output

Industrial Automation
CloudBigD empowers organizations by providing them the ability to leverage available resources and utilize them to an extent to be effectively beneficial considering the market perspective, consumer specifications and product reliability.Following are some of the key highlights of our IT solutions:

  • Intelligent automated tools for proper assessment and evaluation of the manufacturing plant
  • Product and production analysis – parameters and operation enhancement
  • Local device monitoring
  • IT-enabled execution

Cost Efficient Solutions
CloudBigD, with its vast array of IT-directed solutions and real-time technical assistance, can assist you in efficient transforming your establishment into a more comprehensive and cost-effective manufacturing unit. We have dedicated IT process transforming, IT-specific sourcing and procurement, IT strategies for infrastructure optimization and production control mechanisms to address the requisites in a more radical and technical approach.

Supply Chain
Our IT-oriented supply chain management solutions are equipped with analysis, execution, production management, efficient marketing strategies to facilitate optimum use of functional abilities and efficiently implementing them to provide the means to address the standard business objective.

Our Advantage
CloudBigD has been a source of constant collaboration for numerous mining industries for meeting their requisites of highly efficient, reliable and robust IT mining solutions. Additionally, we have made quite a reputation among the peers with our unique IT-specific geotag mining solutions, that evaluate potential mining sites for better availability of the raw materials. We have been associated with industries and organizations in providing transforming IT solutions to meet their mining demands. Following are some of the benefits, our partners enjoy.

  • Remote operations
  • Automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Process optimization