Public Service
pserxvCloud BigD, since its inception, has aimed to constantly rely on the latest technological innovations and technical procedures to offer customer-centric, robust IT enabled solutions. We are pioneers in improving the procedures by which we develop system-enabled IT safety solutions for the public sector. Our IT-based customized solutions keep track of the procedures and operations right from the scratch until the delivery, thereby assists in monitoring the end-to-end functionality. We are adamant to keep the juncture of the technology and innovation as the prime platform for the development of IT solutions in safety so as to provide more efficient, focused and robust procedures to alter the current stereotypical safety procedures.

We have been closely associated with sectors such as federal, state, and government sectors in different industries. This close communion enables us to develop more industry-oriented, customer-centric approach for public safety procedures. Our IT safety solutions are dependent on the continuous research and development to foster growth and safety of the industry; be it public or government sector.

Industry Challenges
While on the one side, industries are trying hard to keep the development of the nation intact, there is always a challenge, on the other side, to specifically address the issue and keep the progress growing. However, public sector and leaders associated should objectify the fact that the basic structure required to pursue the efficient and comprehensive development depends upon – insight-driven operations, custom services, personalized care and public entrepreneurship. The agencies offering the services need to shift their focus on these primary goals so as to make the place a safe, secure and potentially eager region to thrive.
• Lack of digitalized means to monitor and assess the challenges
• Inappropriate coordination between the inter-related agencies for survival and development
• Different mindset for productivity and resiliency
• Inappropriate use of information and resource utilization
• Privatization of the agencies for development and foster relationships
The above mentioned challenges are some of the most prominent factors contributing the lack of efficient public safety.

Our Solutions
With a vast and deep expertise in the public safety precinct, we have successfully incorporated some of the most functional and efficient IT transformational public safety solutions. Our IT solutions are pressing the need for the organizations and sectors to embrace structural requirement, transparent financial inclusiveness, digitalized monitoring and assessment, unified body reassessment and integrity services. We bring together a flexible and comprehensive approach to address the challenges and priorities of the public safety to enable a safe and secure and potentially conducive environment for the public and private sectors. Broadly focusing on the two important aspects – Government and Public safety, we are pioneers in providing the following solutions.

Public and Government Solutions
We provide some of the most comprehensive range of IT solutions to embark the association of the recently developed technology to meet the potential needs and to supplement your public and private operations. We create operational models to facilitate the growing need of the safety procedures by implementing novel and more sustainable IT solutions. From data center management to overall efficiency of the safety systems, we develop and enhance the enterprise and governance operations. Following are some of the aspects that we deal with:
• Resource management and technical sustenance
• Local and national security needs and improvisation
• Robust and efficient data merger and transportation solutions
• Off-guard security for International borders

Resource Management and Human Safety
We offer resilient IT solutions to monitor and track the issues related to workforce health and safety protocols. It is essential to keep the force safe and sound so as to incorporate an effective and efficient workforce in the development of safety procedures per se. Our industry-oriented IT solutions aim at characterizing smart analysis and validation services to improve productivity and development. We intend to provide best-in-class IT-enabled emergency management and pattern identification solutions.

CloudBigD’s IT public services enable public institutions, customer-oriented enterprises and local agencies to offer people a resilient yet affordable digitalized solutions to meet their professional industry requisites. We aim at integrating these challenges and requirements with the customer-centric perspectives so as to form the platform on a more profound and accessible shaft of the technology interface.We are ardent in meeting the challenges in a more opportunistic manner so as to deliver the information and hence the solutions in a more functional-dependent, cost-effective manner.

Our IT based solutions are specifically designed and implemented to provide the customer an enhanced experience of e-services with the conventional aspect of satisfaction.Our IT public solutions have helped clients integrate the opportunity so as to form a more radical and improved functionality of their operations. The smooth functioning not only assists in better and more robust services to customers, it also enhances the productivity, more productive and focused outcomes, support digitalization to reduce paper-based, enhanced work structure and operational efficacy.

Industry Challenges
While the sector does offer ample opportunities for organizations to leverage it for the program enhancement, organizational optimization and process development, it does come along with some of the most resilient challenges. Due to the lack of appropriate means, it becomes difficult for the organizations to effectively manage these issues.
Some of the robust challenges faced by organizations are:

  • Rapid time-to-access information and white papers
  • Dissipating information on a more wider scale
  • Public display of advertisement and technology tools for proper administration
  • Comprehensive customer management services for addressing challenges and issues
  • Resolution of the discrepancy, if appears
  • Optimizing internal objectives and workflows so as to maximize the efficacy

Our Solutions
Government-directed IT solutions
With the criticalities associated with defining governance operations and enterprise management, we have designed IT-integrated solutions to enable you overcome the barriers associated with it. Our IT solutions are fair, comprehensive and are built keeping in track of the information and technology requirement. Some of the striking features of our IT-based governance solutions are:

  • Increased public and private safety by ensuring information assessment and IT monitoring solutions (IAMS)
  • Efficient transit management with our real-time IT monitoring and evaluation programs
  • Better diagnostic tools to evaluate and validate social resiliency and health
  • Advanced defense assistance programs and IT-enabled security validation solutions
  • Intelligent resource utilization and management

Public Safety Monitoring
Public safety monitoring is of utmost importance if workflow has to be maintained. We provide seamless integration of the latest technology modules to help clients overcome the lack of appropriate measure in determining and assessing the current safety concerns, thus incurred.We offer agile IT-safety solutions, together with the easily manageable evaluation systems to keep you updated with every detour in the default safety scenario.

  • IT enabled situation analysis
  • Smart workforce management and evaluation assays
  • Intelligent operations and Intel for logistics, diagnosis and deployment

IT Communications
We help clients in addressing all the challenges they face in establishing effective and robust communications between the populations. Not only it is required for effective monitoring and dissipation services, it also plays a critical aspect in determining the organizational operations efficiency, exposure and production.Our IT solutions ensure comprehensive and versatile management, technical and operational tools in enhancing the communications – postal, directed and technology-specific.

Our Advantage
CloudBigD’s IT public solutions aim to surpass the expectation of the sector by providing maximum efficiency through IT enabled, intelligent solutions. We provide timely, real-time delivery of our objectives so as to allow our collaborators to gain keen insight about the industry challenges, develop innovative strategies with their onboard resources and merge the technology assistance from us to promote growth, development and exposure.

  • Rapid time-to-impact for services pertaining to citizens
  • Governance compliance and regulatory agencies
  • Reduces processing and evaluation time
  • Enhanced efficacy measurement and delivery modes