Industrial Equipment
indssIndustrial automation industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few decades. Implementations of this technical revolution have surpassed many barriers that manufacturers faced in the long run. Processes like cloud implementations, virtualizations and digitalization of the data has taken the current trend to an all new level.The prime aspect of the industrial automation is the ability to move and transport materials to sustain processes – eventually life. With the advent of technical revolution, organizations and enterprises are focusing more on investing their resources so as to surpass the market expectations and demands.

CloudBigD’s IT industrial equipment solutions that aim to cater the needs of the clients, thereby providing them a more radical and feasible ground to pursue their industry automation operations.CloudBigD, since its inception, has been a constant source of inspiration, support and assistance for industrial automation procedures and equipment challenges. We have been supporting clients, with their every possible need, from a diverse range of segments – process manufacturing, automation machinery, construction equipment, process optimization machinery and capital management tools.

Challenges and Issues
CloudBigD solutions, together with the deep-industry insight and collaboration, provide basic structure to support different client challenges. We offer platform for our clients to monitor and assess their operations in terms of efficiency, productivity and waste management.
Some of the most common challenges associated with industrial equipments are:

  • Implementation of new product characteristics
  • Increased demand for novel methodologies
  • Increased validation and scalability requirement
  • More efficient and cost-effective product development protocols
  • Regulatory compliance and stringent ethical procedures
  • Product enhancement and production optimization
  • Machinery testing and validation
  • Complications with optimization and manufacturing
  • Time-to-market and cost factor

CloudBigD solutions offer well versed, rigorous and committed systems that address to each of the needs of the consumer. Among such offerings, software and hardware tools, reference blue prints, system development tools and technical expertise and support are few of the applications. These systems are rigorous and are well adapted to meet the requisites of a resilient automated system.

Our Solutions
Our solutions have been designed, keeping in mind the requisites and the challenges of the industrial automation and appliance industry, so as to provide our clients assistance to reduce associated costs, enhance the conventional operational capability and increasing productivity. Some of the services are being mentioned here.

Machinery enhancement: Testing and validation of an overall optimization
Plant maintenance: Effective cleaning and automated removal of waste
Time and delivery: Rapid time-to-delivery with system integration procedures
Hydraulics: Routing, system efficiency and component management
Motors and engines: Automated procedures for manufacturing units, exhaust, cooling, turbines and engines
Supplementary components: Gauging efficiency for cylinders, buckets, pistons, levers
Power supply optimization: Circuitry, rooting, earth wires, insulation, transmission and accessory components

IT Solutions
CloudBigD’s exclusive IT-enabled solutions aim to empower clients with the reliability and the reproducibility of the IT solutions so as to transform their industrial automation procedures and equipment management more effectively.

Some of the operations that we aim at:
Process Management: Plant and manufacturing automation systems, analysis and control procedures, optimization and plant maintenance systems
Production: Digital assessment and monitoring, customized applications for integrated systems, systems’ efficiency and efficacy, integration monitoring management
Engineering solutions: It-based product enhancement methodologies, location-specific techniques for marketing and sales, engineering optimization for eco-friendly compliance

Cloud Advantage
CloudBigD’s IT-enabled industrial equipment solutions have proven track record in the monitoring and management of the manufacturing process. With tools available like design systems monitoring (both hardware and software), product compliance and sustenance and integrated systems testing, we are able to deliver controlled solutions for optimization. Besides, we also offer services pertaining to product engineering, system enhancements, debugging and design development, manufacturing support and documentation.

  • Dedicated solutions for product lifecycle management
  • Channel management for proper disposal of waste and equipment components
  • Supply chain management
  • Accessory components recycle