Pharmaceutical and Biotech
chemicalsIndustries like pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology are some of the big players in the current era of the decade. However, old, these industries have been commercialized recently. Considering the diversity of applications and need for enhanced and improved strategies to affect the lives of people in a more radical manner, organizations have taken a leap forward in these sectors.

CloudBig D’s solutions aim at driving the technical aspect of the industries in a more efficient manner. From auditing, evaluating, testing and monitoring, we provide affordable and robust methodologies to meet the requisites of the industry.Allow us to enhance your pharmaceutical operations and biotech research with our IT enabled managed solutions for product complexity, diversity, cost effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

Industry and Challenges
Despite the market opportunities and the ability of improve the solutions so as to fit the basic need, the industry comes along with certain challenges and issues that need to be addressed. At times, most of the organizations tend to ignore these challenges and thus eventually fall into the pit of inappropriate cost management, regulations and efficacy issues.
We have listed below some of the most ardent challenges associated with the industry.
• R&D associated costs and stringent competition
• Managing expirations with patents, standards and regulations
• Ethical manufacturing practices and solutions
• IT integration across the organization
• Effective and accessible data integration, management and production
• Managing research and operations redundancy
• Supply chain
• Safety and efficacy
• Stringent regulatory compliance

Our IT Solutions
CloudBig D’s IT enabled pharmaceutical and biotech division integrates the strategies and solutions at the technology-innovation interface so as to keep your organizational portfolio comprehensive and agile. Our IT solutions are well equipped with the trends attributed to rapidly evolving market and the modernization of the industries per se.We are committed to make our customer daunted with life-long beneficial relationship to foster their growth and development.

Research and Development
While R&D comprise as one of the critical domains of the industry, it nevertheless requires appropriate focus on the operations, integration of latest technological advancements and robust IT solutions to optimize each and every module related to it.
Our solutions have been listed as under:
• Information based modeling and assessment
• Bioinformatics and computational statistics assay
• System based protocol and equipment validation
• IT based automation and optimization
• Data analysis and integrated system monitoring

IT Quality Management
From data processing to production optimization, we provide comprehensive IT enabled solutions to help you smoothly progress toward the desired objective.IT optimization of the product development operations, latency evaluation and product shelf-life is what we focus at. Our solutions help you establish a more agile and versatile perspective on the product quality and marketing time.
• IT optimization, integration and validation
• System-generated transformation and modeling strategy
• Store house assessment and validation
• Equipment resiliency with automated assays
• Production enhancement and optimization

Product Marketing Analysis
Our stringent IT solutions help clients to draw a clear picture of the market, product complementation and acceptability in the market with our analytics and assessment tools. We provide a rationale approach to lead the diversification in terms of marketing and analysis. Some of the key solutions are being mentioned here:
• IT based business promotional rationalization
• Cloud-specific resource management
• Digitalized assessment and evaluation
• IT enabled revenue and portfolio analysis
• Analytics and reporting

Our Advantage
We provide reliable, technologically sound and tested IT solutions and strategies to bring forth the customer centric approach in your operations. BY keeping track of production procedures, optimization and manufacturing tuning, we deliver performance-based, intelligent IT operations to help you enhance your business potential. Our brand awareness, evaluation and improved effectivity help you stay upfront in the fierce competition.In order to thrive for a better performance and outcome, we welcome Biotech and Pharmaceutical organizations to extend for association so as to experience some of the most robust IT solutions to achieve the business objective

CloudBigD’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector has been in collaboration with leading companies and virtuosos of these precincts for quite a long time. Since its inception, CloudBigD biotech and Pharma sector has been ardent in providing high-class services and features aimed to provide value-added services, compliance consulting and platforms. Our Pharma biotech communion provides a more flexible and extensive range of products and services to justify the need of the market. These services are directed towards pharmaceutical and biotech support which includes auditing, testing, monitoring and consultation.

Competitive Advantage in Market
We at CloudBigD believe in stringent competition by keeping up to date keepers in terms of the market requisites, recent products and further developments in the research sector.
Our prime focus mainly targets the following departments:

R&D: Research & development section requires one of the most focused and target oriented strategies. For any novel idea, it is imperative to have a clear strategic tool and instrumentation to turn that into product delivery mechanism. In order to achieve the same we offer:
• Genetics and genome based data assay
• Clinical data assay
• Bioinformatics and computational statistics assay
• Lab automation services
• Clinical trial solutions
• Validation of the automated process
• Regulatory services

Quality Control assets:
• Optimization of engineering instruments
• Product delivery transformation
• Manufacturing procedure management
• Packaging and delivery systems
• Store house management
• Product dissipation & marketing:

Strategic market analysis
• Digital marketing solutions
• Social media solutions
• Customer relation management
• Measurable productivity gains system

All the aforementioned reliable, time-tested and accessible strategies are obstinate in providing better product outcomes, optimized manufacturing procedures and better customer relations. Despite the fact that these two branches of modern science are currently hotspots for most of the business start-ups, there is but a distinctive competition among peers due to the gradual growth, peer pressure and stagnant opportunities. In order to thrive for a better performance and outcome, we welcome Biotech and Pharma companies for their association to achieve the desired through cloud based solutions.