goldmetalinMetals and mining sector faces stringent challenge today in response to the growing demands from the market and the consumers. Metal industry, which consists of iron, steel, copper, aluminum and zinc, drives its business operation through automated procedures and cost reduction management and strategies. Although subtle, these challenges restrict the industry in more than a profound manner.Apart from the idiosyncrasies of the industry, these challenges are further compounded by complementary finances and automated procedures that hinders in the smooth functioning and resource utilization.CloudBigD contributes by offering IT-enabled solutions to speed up the requisite, optimize the processing, besides addressing to the conventional needs of the industry.

Industry Challenges
One of the most robust challenge, most of the organizations are dealt with, is the appropriate conversion ratio of the raw materials. Besides obtaining raw materials, optimized processing and managing operations are some of the other challenges pertaining to the industry.
CloudBigD points out some of the issues that hinder the smooth functioning of the metal industry.

  • Automation of the operations
  • Monitoring and process analysis
  • Complex operations
  • Conversion ratio
  • Lack of strategy for complementing business operations
  • Insufficient resources for proper optimization, system integration and management
  • Higher associated costs
  • Regulatory compliances

Our IT Solutions
For the last couple of years, the advent of technology has seriously implicated our IT solutions and technical assistance toward many industries and organizations. Not only did the technical advancement and recent technology trends have compounded our IT-enabled practices, but they have surpassed the expectations of the industry in terms of reliability, durability and efficiency.We have delivered some of the most ardent and robust solutions that have benefited metal industries over the years. Some of the IT solutions have been listed below.

Cost Reduction and Revenue Generation
Our IT solutions are optimized for resource utilization, process enhancement and manufacturing efficiency, thereby making optimum use of available resources. We provide comprehensive IT-specific quality control and efficient resource management strategies. Besides, we have in-built system monitoring programs that can efficiently monitor plant design, assessment procedures, implementing techniques for enhancing the production, product quality, production optimization and waste management.

Production Solutions
We provide diverse range of IT-integrated solutions that can effectively transform the resource deficit plant to produce the desired outcome. From manufacturing, processing, and design evaluation to product quality maintenance, characteristic enhancement and evaluation, we provide complete all round IT solutions to manage your needs.

Managing Operations
CloudBigD has been a leader in providing IT solutions to manage production duration in a more comprehensive manner. Our intelligent monitoring and analysis programs effectively evaluated the production run-time and displays optimum scores to adjust the current process so as to bring most out it. Out IT-production assessment (IPA) tool brings to you real-time characteristics and chemical nature of the product being evaluated.

Eco-friendly IT Operations
While our solutions focus on reducing the waste, efficient utilization of the resources and energy consumption, we are indirectly providing an IT service that is actually addressing the environmental requisite whilst meeting your business standard.

Why Cloud Technologies
One of the most striking features of our IT metal solutions, over the last couple of years, is the incorporation of the latest technical advancements and analysis tools to objectify the business standard in a more rapid, efficient and productive manner. Our IT approach is well-established and is aimed to reduce the challenges thus associated in an environment-friendly, user-specific manner. We have been delivering customized IT solutions and assistance to long-standing organizations in the current precinct. What makes us set apart from others are some of the highlights of our IT-specific metal solutions.

  • Efficient tools and analysis programs
  • Tracking process runtime
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Operational efficiencies across phases
  • Enterprise-oriented strategies for budget-friendly and resource-efficient approach
  • Environment friendly operations
  • User-defined, highly customizable IT solutions