Global Process Services
gbdpngGlobal business operations can be implemented effectively for companies seeking new heights and performance. These process outsourcing strategies are realized in real-time to control production gains by cost reduction, risk management, improving collaboration and maintaining reliability.

CloudBigD maintains a pioneer record in global process services through its persistent process delivery improvement without considering the business ecosystem. For every business need we have the optimized and customizable tools, experienced professionals, market assets and technical assistance to ensure you get the best in whatever precinct you opt for?

Various supporting disciplines for any organization viz. Finance, Administration, Customer Relations, Human Resource and Supple Chain Management provide ample opportunities for cost reduction, growth, building customer loyalty etc. Our innovative services aim to deliver resilient, measurable outcomes for business processes in varied range of industries, corporations and markets.

Customer Loyalty and Experience
For expanding the customer niche, meeting deadlines or improving operational flexibility, we have the relevant expertise and experienced professional to assist you in improving customer contentment, customer experience and measurable outcomes in the business.

Finance & Administration
Optimization of finance operations and proper administration to compliment it, are the mandates, required to transform the efficient, resilient and agile business enterprises. Our methodologies and technical assistance has the potential to reduce the convolutions associated with any finance operation, cost controlling and management and to ensure your business operations to leverage solutions. Our finance-administration duo service is constantly helping organizations in increasing work capital; reduction is cost, thereby impacting both the result and the growth per se.

Human Resources & Recruitments
Besides finance, administration and building customer relationship, the success to any organization is met with its skilled labor force. It is imperative for any organization to keep its key resources commissioned with their skills upgraded in order to attain the desired goal and while improving the performance.

CloudBigD’s HR operation and process outsourcing aims to deliver value-added, talent acquisition outcomes with next-generation benefits. Our services include: HR analytics, Skills and learning process, Recruitment outsourcing, Skill management etc.

Supply Chain outsourcing
Expanding supply chains is a risky affair and it requires trusted collaborators and experienced professionals to avoid the risks associated with the outsourcing. CloudBigD’s Global Process Services with its vast expertise, technology, methodology and assistance, be ensured you will get the enhanced discernibility, improved cost analysis and better current process management through our;

  • Novel paradigms in Supply Chain Management
  • Differential, long-term relationships from process outsourcing driven services
  • Chain Management outsourcing
  • Streamlined business operations for better leveraging