Manufacturing Strategy
strrrOur CloudBigD experts collaborate with the manufactures and the clients, to advise them upon several strategies, and in implementing the same for diverse operations. Manufactures deal with all the challenges, problems and issues to create a place in the unstable economyWe help our clients in building a strategical network connection, with accurate transparency. In this way, we help in developing an efficient network between the manufacturers and collaborators. We provide our latest technology solutions, enabled with innovative approach and ideas which helps in increasing the financial performance of the cooperative.

CloudBigD offers following services to the clients:

  • Deep Manufacturing services
  • Time management services
  • Utilization of Resources
  • Global Manufacturing Services
  • Manufacturing Network Services
  • Process Optimization Services
  • Manufacturing Technology Services

We manage the process optimization on few basic standards, they are, lean six sigma, factory flow, plant scheduling and capacity planning, quality management, and operations analytics.Current market requisites and customer peer pressure has forced organizations, primarily dealing with manufacturing and production, to implement strategies that are not even remotely complementary to their conventional practices. This has not only led to detrimental effects economically, but has also resulted in net loss of the market value.

Manufacturing organizations should, therefore, adapt to the challenges – global market variability, customer expectation, cost competitiveness, and compliance issues – to sustain their effectivity. However, many organizations failed to meet these challenges despite having a strong network and seamless integration with the technology. CloudBigD helps organizations revitalize their current practices so as to emerge more agile, industry-ready and customer-centric establishment. We provide assistance in managing supply chains, marketing, manufacturing automation, and networking.

Our Solutions
We understand the complexity of manufacturing and strategy. In order to address the challenges more comprehensively, we provide the following:
Manufacturing Strategy and Resiliency
• Process automation and assessment; competency evaluation and analysis
• Modeling and designing objective units for global manufacturing
• Automated tools for sustainable processing and production

Operation Optimization
Our solutions are based on some of the latest technological advancements so as to empower manufacturing units the agility and the efficiency, market demands.
• Scheduled automated monitoring
• System enabled evaluation, assessment, and optimization
• Manufacturing analytics and system-generated outcomes
• Production management and quality

Technology and Manufacturing
We bring together some of the most robust technology applications and strategies to help you achieve better with your conventional production practices.
• Integration of IT infrastructure with the conventional system
• System enabled monitoring for rapid, agile, and accurate monitoring
• Technology-derived manufacturing strategy

Our Business Value
Our solutions for manufacturing and strategy are based on the fact that manufacturing alone comprises as one of the most critical aspect of any organization. Therefore, it becomes essential for organizations to implement latest technological advancements for the overall efficiency. We provide linked solutions that tend to integrate the conventional practices with the latest innovation so as to deliver high-performance in real-time. Additionally, we provide system enabled monitoring to extend the ‘effective’ life of the unit, per se.