finavceacWe provide Insurance BPO services to diverse clients, all around the globe, which helps cooperatives in becoming more competitive in the market. Insurance industry is booming up these days, and insurance companies are looking for some innovative ideas to launch in the market. Thus, we are providing an effective business process outsourcing solutions to the companies to meet up the market requirements.

Insurance is good option to manage the loss, that happened because of one entity to another one. Every individual follow the same technique for efficient risk management services. We deals with leading insurers, globally for the better transformation of business.

CloudBigD Insurance solutions are:
• Business Transformation:
o Salesforce-based Transformations
o Underwriting Workbench Modernization
o Ratings and Forms Modernization
o Insurance Platform (TCS BaNCS)
o Closed Book Administration
o Business Rules Extraction and Analysis
o Core Systems Modernization

• Customer Experience:
o Digital Enterprise Consulting
o Mobility Solutions and Services
o NextGen and Web Portals
o Social Media Solutions
o Big Data and Business Analytics

• Operational Efficiency:
o Fraud and Claims Analytics
o Systems Consolidation
o Risk and Compliance Management
o Business Process Services
o Domain-led Lean ADM

We provide insurance services to a whole new spectrum, like:
• IT Services
• Business Process Services
• Consulting Services
• Infrastructure Services
• Assurance Services
• Mobility Solutions and Services
• Life and annuities Services
• Reinsurance Services
• Property & casualty (P&C) Services
• Health Insurance Services
• Brokerage Services
• Specialty Lines Services
• Business Value Services

Our insurance services helps the enterprises in managing risks. Our unmatched track record makes us a competent player in the industry. Rising cost of the things has increased the fear among users, thus before purchasing any expensive thing they opt for insurance of the product, wheatear its a technology device or home.
Some of the general insurance services provided by CloudBigD are:

  • Sales, Marketing, & Distribution Services
  • Business Underwriting & Reinsurance Services
  • Policy & Customer Care Services
  • Claims and Actuarial Support Services
  • Reinsurance Accounting Services
  • Account Management Services
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Back-office Operations
  • Receivables Management Services

We significantly improve the quality level of the client products with the reduced cost, and delivering the key results on time.Our experts through their expertise eradicate the major issues from the insurance industry cycle. CloudBigD services are reliable and in-hand in every perspective of the cooperative. Some of the benefits in producing services from our end are:

  • Achieving of result within TAT, with minimum cost
  • Increased productivity and stability
  • A Greater level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Adequate resource utilization and operational support
  • Timely Improvement updates
  • Increased data security and essentials