Green IT
greenitAchieving the business objectives through green IT practices requires identification of the prospective areas and topography isolates, preparing and implementing logical and technologically sound strategies for an efficient and productive outcome and maintaining better solutions through enhanced customer relations, better product delivery and improved margins. CloudBigD Technologies help you achieve these business objectives through its robust and sustainable services, allowing you to complement the conventional business operations and transforming them into a safer and environment friendly process.

Through grouping of strategic along with tactical procedures that reduce the Carbon emissions from computing operations in the data center we ensure Green IT concept.While building out IT infrastructure we adhere to the Green IT maintenance standards by emphasizing on low emissions as well as low power consumption. We deliver technologies which are environment friendly, sustainable along with efficient energy. IT infrastructure and equipment we use are completely efficient at embedded emissions and efficient in power consumption.Our initiative to promoting print no paper unless required, installing energy management systems and devices that use less energy is our response to Green IT concept. We pledge to have a clean and green planet for upcoming generations.

However, with the increasing demand of the technological aspect for every average business operation, there has been a drastic increase in the emission of pollutants. The resultant increase is supposedly responsible for disturbing the balance between the emission and recovery. In order to manage the emission while maintaining the business objectivity, the need of the hour is to implement new safer solutions and deploy novel mechanisms to achieve the equilibrium and maintain the organizational growth.
CloudBigD Technologies’ Green IT solutions include:

Cloud IT solutions

  • Energy efficiency analysis
  • Management of devices and programs
  • Asset assessment and optimization
  • Upgraded software and applications for efficient energy utilization
  • Regulatory compliances (LEED)
  • Paper utilization and recyclability

Organizational Management

  • Design, planning and data management
  • Server and system optimization
  • Infrastructure security services
  • Data emission control measures

Operation Design and Efficiency

  • Efficient power application and usage
  • Minimizing heat emission from devices
  • Design and developing ergonomic work space
  • More ventilation for business processes
  • Employee education and training

We are obstinate to provide services that are directed to manage energy consumption, pollutant emission and reducing the IT-related costs for an overall green IT practices. These solutions (programs, services and tools) are backed by stringent technical and researched applications that impart the solutions the efficacy it requires. As a leading brand in this sector, our solutions together with the business practices transform the native process into more of a future-ready and eco-friendly operation.

We develop Green Applications like software Virtualization that can help to improve server utilization as well as reduce energy consumption. Lower consumption doesn’t result in heat, also reduction in number of servers result in cool atmosphere comparatively. Hence we take care that we have highly efficient infrastructure which gives maximum advantage in a less number.

We support the green objectives of your organization as defined by corporate social responsibility by planning and implementing Green IT strategies and Green IT infrastructure for your data center needs. We understand the policies of the organization and develop architecture standards that will guide the procurement, development, implementation and operation of IT services. Our Green IT functional area objective management helps explicitly maintain ongoing alignment between the objectives of IT and the organization’s green strategy.

The increase in demand for IT services creates a corresponding increase in the number of servers in the data center. If not properly managed, the demands for power and cooling will rise in an unsustainable manner. Our experts show you how to improve the management of the demands from IT hardware. Server consolidation and virtualization is one area our experts analyze your technology on. The best way to tackle Green IT and improve data will be explained to you by our team.

Find out from us how you can save environment using Green IT. Talk to us to know more how Green IT can benefit your business.Enterprises today are facing transformational pressures from all dimensions and on all platforms. Green IT stands for Sustainable IT Program approach. In order to grow in the market, enterprises now days follows sustainable objectives. CloudBigD helps the clients in designing and implementing consulting services for cross industry platforms. We provide sustainable and profitable solutions to the clients and understand their requirements.

CloudBigD Green IT Services are:

  • ASE Facilitation
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Green Office
  • Service Desk Services
  • End-to-End Smart Metering
  • Workplace Services

Several global corporations have introduced programs to understand the life-cycle environmental footprint requirements. We implement the solutions which are cost effective, sustainable, technically strong and environmental friendly. We keep the energy cost of the enterprise in control. CloudBigD data center operations helps in reducing the power consumption, which leads to optimize performance with higher productivity.