utiliCloudBigD utilities services provides solutions for the enterprise development. Our cross industry services are innovative and sustainable to suitably implement the professional asset management services. Higher utility optimization always leads to high productivity.

The utilities sector is continuously improving day by day, thus, utilities need to be improved regularly to meet the best demands at the lower cost. As utilities, are also related to the top industries, such as, IT, Finance & Accounting, Customer Service and Supply Chain Management.Now days, the market has reverberated for Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities (ENU) industry, so the companies aims to increase their profit, simultaneously reducing complexity, cost and increasing flexibility, efficiency and resource optimization.

CloudBigD, as utilities BPO service provider, provides the following services:

  • Customer Care (Voice and Back Line) Services
  • Billing & Collections Services
  • Debt & Receivables Management Services
  • Asset & Work Management Services
  • Fuel Delivery Support Services
  • Transmission & Distribution Services
  • GIS and Legal Services

We implement end-to-end process, technology and analytic operations to meet the desired output. We are one of the global service providers across the utility sector.
Some of the benefits of utilities solutions are:

  • Less costly and effective services
  • Implementation of advanced frameworks and methodologies
  • Updated tools and operations to generate higher revenue for company
  • Effective research, analysis and data services

Simultaneously we also provide other invincible services to the clients, those are:

  • Customer Management Services
  • Meter-to-Cash Services
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Shared Services