automotiveindCloudBigD provides some of the most advanced, resilient and robust IT solutions, at off-beat affordability, to enable client develop high-performance, intelligent automobiles that are environment-friendly and does not add to the existing pollution degrading the atmospheric-economy.These services are designed so as to meet the requisites for an optimized, efficient and hassle-free process. These services are in accordance with the manufacturing processes, safety and efficacy so as to ensure the customer satisfaction, build-quality and efficacy of the automobile.

CloudBigD’s IT automotive solutions provide a tailored approach so as to reach the community beyond social and economic barriers. These services are designed and developed to deepen the market roots and are principally targeted to meet the needs of the economically challenging OEM market. The automotive market industry is looking for opportunities to manage cost, quick and efficient product delivery, and collaboration – at CloudBigD, we are adamant to keep the requirement alive.Our technical expertise, along with the rich and diverse experience makes us one of the most anticipated automotive service providers in this competition.

  • Challenges and Issues
  • Our Solutions
  • Cloud Advantage

While organizations tend to invest most, if not all, of their resource with the pretext of developing an innovative and efficient automobile, majority of them lack the fundamental aspect of converting the raw resource into one.

  • Efficiency and safety protocols and regulatory compliance
  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Industry-ready and less time-to-market
  • Customer-friendly post-marketing assistance
  • Addressing the requisites of market trends and customer satisfaction
  • Luxury factor

Some of our IT-enabled automotive solutions have been summarized below.
Automotive Electronics: Structure development, validation and assessment, hardware development, process control, system integration
Automotive Design & Development: Concept validation, engine development, model reassessment, modular engineering, 2D and 3D models
Process & Manufacturing: Automotive process control (APC), tools to gauge and assess production, manufacturing optimization with System Service Analytics (SSA) tools, efficiency and quality check
Vehicle Simulation Modeling: Testing and procurement, simulation modeling, 3D overview and aspect analysis, Visual Mode (VM) firmware
System Integration: Software and simulation, virtual model transformation, testing and validation, analytics solutions
Marketing Solutions: Market analysis, competitive runs and pattern study, efficiency of the market, customer influx and returns
Post-marketing Solutions: Assessment and analysis of the sales, environment emission analyzers, pollution control measures and feedback
Cost Reduction: For automotive industry, economic aspect is one of the major challenges it faces today let alone the quality and efficacy. Our services are specifically designed to complement the cost to add the value-added touch to the automotive part.
Deep-industry Expertise: Backed by years of experience in R&D sector for vehicle modulation, system integration, and validation and testing, we provide our clients one of the most robust, high-performance delivering solutions.
Regulation Compliance and Vehicle safety: Our expertise is beneficial in validating the reliability of the supplies, assessing the nature and durability of the products and testing the compliance with the regulatory policies.
Quick Delivery and Efficacy of the Constructive Unit: Our comprehensive range of automotive solutions deals with each at every process included in the overall operation. From designing components to sales and marketing, you can rely on us for all your operations.
Market Analysis for Better Returns: Our expert panel service provides you with the first-hand information about the potential market trend, sales prospectus and future returns based on our assessment and analysis.
Supply Chain Management: Managing the supplies for every commodity right from the production to the dissipation in the market.
Environmental and Traffic Safety: We provide services like automotive part validation, its safety, efficacy and reliability, according to the local/international regulations, to ensure road safety. Moreover, calibration of vehicular component, traffic management, axle control management and waste disposal is also covered.
Analysis & Automation: Proving advanced analysis on the marketing aspects and provide devise novel procedures so as to enhance the marketing and sales. Improved customer relationship with our post-marketing; on-time assistance – technical as well non-technical.