supplypngCloudBigD helps its clients in managing their supply operations. Our main services are: planning, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, product design, fulfilment and service management; for our customers. Considering that Supply chain operations, comes very in handy for an organization budget, we provide easy and in-budget services to our clients. We collaborate with diverse industries to implement operational strategies, which in-turn increase the cooperative revenue.

Our professional works deliberately to manage the procurement cycle, product life cycle and supply chain cycle. Any organization for a better growth needs efficient supply chains solutions to meet their demands on-time.Supply Chain Practice by CloudBigD provides seamless and holistic solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our diverse range of package-driven solutions converts complex supply chain situations into seamless delivery pipelines. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions enable supply-demand matching, distributed order management, leveraged contract visibility, and reduce gaps between forecasts and plans.

We are offering solutions for global logistics, demand fulfillment and asset management. We also provide solutions for contract management, direct materials and services procurement, supply networks, sourcing, and spend intelligence. We help in proper execution of network design and simulation, multi-enterprise collaboration systems, supply chain visibility and performance, inventory optimization, transportation management, warehouse management.

The Supply Chain Network helps in providing vital business information to key stakeholders. We also deal with several manufacturers to align product design and supply chain planning strategies. The SCM solutions help in reducing complexity, cost and risk, and increase profitability.
The Benefits of CloudBigD SCM solutions are:

  • Reduced product & supply chain complexity
  • Improved sourcing performance within limited budget
  • High yield of supplier collaboration
  • Managing  risk and regulatory requirements of the clients

CloudBigD provides following services in the SCM domain:
Product Innovation and Lifecycle Management
Implementing new andinnovative, design, engineering, and technological solutions to manage the lifecycle of products and services

Supply Chain Planning: Monitoring andforecasting future requirements, and balancing an equal ratio between supply and demand
Sourcing and Procurement: Sourcing for new suppliers as per the cooperative demands, and negotiating with the stakeholders, and vendors for contracts.
Manufacturing and Logistics: Managing process planning, workflow of goods & materials, and ware house operations.

Fast-paced market requisites have forced organizations to transform their supply chain and procurement strategies to a more versatile operation. However, majority of the operations are conventional; focusing on the stability and delivery factors at large. Current supply chain management is slightly more to this.CloudBigD Technologies’ SCM solutions are built in on a versatile integration between industry requisites and the technicalities of the supply chain it requires. We help clients in streamlining their business, promoting the required market value and enhanced network within each factor.

CloudBigD  Technologies’ SCM Solutions
Our services essentially cover each and every sector of the supply chain management. Some of services are listed:

  • Self-servicing automation
  • Global planning and management strategies
  • Production optimization and product development
  • Product order strategies
  • Prediction algorithms and market tools
  • Operations-delivery transformation systems
  • Integrated product development and marketing
  • Production lifecycle management
  • Optimizing manufacturing procedures
  • Diagnostic tools for uniformity and coherency
  • Logistics and technical support
  • Warehouse management
  • Post-delivery customer support

Our services are ardent in keeping you stand out in the marketplace with our intelligent and functionally capable, end-to-end services. Not only just harmonizing the supply chain operation at medium scale, our solutions are also capable of performing and delivering large-scale consulting and technology-driven enterprises. We provide industry-driven consulting services and technical support – a reflection of our solutions at global market and building relationships.

While most of our SCM solutions are directed to keep the client ‘afresh’ even after the delivery; we perform at the interface of the producer-consumer relationships, thereby enabling maximum efficiency and efficacy of the business operation. With the help of our SCM services, you can:

  • Attend to different prospective of SCM
  • Optimize your financial requisites and returns
  • Deploy more productive outcomes
  • Reduce turnaround time for product delivery
  • Better feedback from customers

With CloudBigD Technologies’ SCM solutions, client can be ensured on the following supply chain management aspects:

  • Reduction in lead times, return information payment and cost factor
  • Improved contract compatibility, operational efficiency and brand visibility