imgCloudBigD has been a leading provider of gamut of services in order to cater the needs of the educational sector. We strongly hold the stated fact that the involvement of technology in dissipating information can bridge the gap between the consumer and the provider. However, very few of the sects have been able to quantify the same.We at CloudBigD, aims to aspire the seamless distribution of information through easily accessible platforms, media and technological applications so as to reach every corner of the society without any fundamental barriers.

Our IT-specific educational services includes not only the conventional academic information brochures, credentials analysis, training and other features but is more unwavering in improvising the current trends in the education system. At CloudBigD, we are typical of the fact that, for a transparent and quality educational system, every facet must be addressed. To provide a more rapid and clear concept, it is imperative to address the masses first.

Our Solutions
One of the most typical challenges that most of the organizations and masses, en masse; faces today are the financial constraints, lack of appropriate platform, improper and non-reliable system and technology integration.Considering the aforementioned challenges, CloudBigD has devised some of the most ardent and practically sustainable IT education solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Higher education information for peersLeaving aside the conventional pamphlets, CloudBigD provides IT-digital information systems that transforms the services related to educational agencies.
Diversity EnhancementWe provide IT integrated education system solutions to assist spur creativity, thinking and decision making abilities. Our area of service covers major global countries and cities. These services are cloud enabled to ensure we reach each and every household and institution where any educational assistance is required.In order to separate us from the pack, we have also retained the related conventional services and solutions which include:
Financial assistance: From filling of the application to drawing funds from the bank, we cover every aspect of this segment. We have IT-enabled tools and systems that covers up-to-date list of national and international financial institutions with the on-going educational policies.
Accommodation services: We provide technical expertise and IT specific services to provide the students with proper accommodation suggestions whilst considering the aspects of their budget and time. These services ensure a comfortable accommodation on and off campus plus a safe return to one’s own state.
Career planning: We have experts in counseling that are determined to assist students to make better career choices. Besides, we have IT-enabled automated programs to assist the distant located students. We have certain online programs and set of questions to bring out the clearer introspect about higher studies.

Some of the key aspects of our IT education solutions are:

  • Competitive examination assistance ship
  • Admission guidance
  • Academic management
  • Staff development management
  • System evaluation programs
  • Community engagement

Mobile Education System & e-Learning
Mobile education has been the new trend in this arena for quite some time. It enables the person to seek information at his own comfort and defined convenience level. However due to the constant evolution and a steep rise in the labour force, there has been a transformation for e-learning or in simplest of terms mobile learning. This feature enables the seeker to gain information while on the move. Considering the aforementioned services and solutions, we believe to stand apart in creating a new dimension to the existing education system.

Cloud Advantage
With our deep industry insight and collaboration with some of the leading industries and institutes, we have designed an end-user open source system (EUOSS). This system, with its integration of the industry, research and IT-based technology, aims to deliver some of the most robust technological solutions in the field of:

  • Assessment Management
  • Evaluation and Analysis – Digital and Textual
  • Data Management
  • Demat Services
  • Test Management
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Learning Solutions
  • Communicator Services

We focus on removing the challenges and provide deeper and more diverse range of opportunities to meet the requisites of the learning across the globe.