Environmental Sustainability

Cloud BigD’s sustainability efforts are propelled by the knowledge that we and our clients cultivate with the resources that are relevant to the challenges of the future. A well educated population, a stable environment, and a talented and highly motivated employee base. These are the pillars of any company’s sustainability effort and we actively apply our spirit, passion for innovation and an attitude to make a difference in these vital areas. We put our collective efforts in improving education in our communities, so that future generations have opportunities for professional and personal growth. We ensure to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We provide a safe and comfortable workplace while promoting the professional development of our employees. We maintain high standards of business conduct. We promise and ensure delivering superior service and tangible business advantages to our clients.

Sustainability has always been an integral part of our business. We have adopted the policy on sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well as a code of conduct. These ensure that we are determined and our priorities are clear, concrete and unmistakable to our employees, clients, investors, associates and other stakeholders. Sound and comfortable environment is a key pillar of our responsibility program, we have executed strategies to conserve energy and reduce waste through disciplined management practices, improving facilities design and reengineered our business processes. We recognize the potential for significant cost savings arising from greater energy efficiency and reductions in waste.
In its broadest of definition, sustainability refers to the maintenance of a steady level without any threat to natural resources. This not only requires a great of planning and organization but also is of imperative nature for our future generations.Environment sustainability cannot be referred to as an alternative. It is infact, and perhaps most essentially, a means to build trust, nurture relationships and strengthen the long-lost association with the environment.

Our clients and consumers play an elemental role toward the development of better sustainable environment – better future. It is therefore logical to keep them as well as us on our feet so as to make amends to avoid any further incur.Sustainability, being one of the most essential components for any organization, has been avoided, at far, by majority of the enterprises and agencies.At Cloud BigD, we strongly emphasize the fact that IT solutions play a critical role in transforming any organization into an environment-friendly and sustainable establishment. This is exactly what we have been doing for the last couple of years.

Need for Environment Sustainability
Cloud BigD holds dear the fact that environment is supporting life forms without any apparent cost. Thus, it is our essential duty, on our part, to justify the practices so as to minimize the release of pollutants into the atmosphere. Cloud BigD has upgraded its solutions to a more ‘greener’ so as to give back something to the environment as well.

Following are some of the essential requisites that need thought-provoking solutions.
• Managed and organizational solutions to address social and environmental needs
• Respond to the demands of resource-hungry generation in a time-bound and environment-vulnerable manner
• Keeping a track on the availability of the resources whilst preserving some for the future generations

Our IT solutions can be effectively utilized to monitor, gauge and assess the resources, pollution and seek better alternatives for a greener tomorrow. Our IT solutions have in-built control and monitoring systems that effectively evaluate pollutants and release of poison in the atmosphere.
We, at Cloud BigD, have devised and implemented strategies and services that can offer smart solutions that are more environment-friendly and efficient, without comprising their original functionality. After all, since environment sustainability is vital for our existence as a whole, we offer services that complementary to the regulatory and pollution control measures to foster global economic well-being.

Our Approach
At Cloud BigD, we strive to perform at the interface so as to minimize the release of environment-degrading particles, whilst enhancing the quality and efficiency of our services. We have proven solutions that will ensure you meet your environment sustainability requisites in a more radical and environment-friendly manner. Our solutions have the following features that help us be more ‘greener’ in our activities.
• Compliance with different local and national regulatory agencies
• Proactive engagement with non-profit environment-based organizations and agencies
• Obeying environment policies stringently
• Clear and concise concept and understanding of environment protection protocols, green practices and pollution control
• Presenting employees with various policies related to environment security, business efficacy and pollution control
• Design and implement solutions at the interface of business and environment
• Enhanced resource efficiency in terms of utilization and resource management
• Promote the development of biodiversity at local and national gatherings
• Dedicated ‘recycle’ approach for all the practices, tools and equipments
• Promoting green IT infrastructure

Cloud BigD engages actively with communities and agencies across the globe. The association is brought about so as to foster a change; for a better and brighter tomorrow. We focus on the various sectors, where we can deploy our solutions and how effectively we can manage them so as to make them more environment-friendly.