Big Data Analytics
indBig Data Analysis is a new defined innovativeapproach to drive high business quality, with new advanced solutions for different industries. Any data, be it structured or unstructured, has a varying amount of potential for novel strategies and information. However, proper data objectification, data management and data sorting are but essential in order to sustain the data valuable.

Cloud Technology’s Data Analytics comprises Data Analysis Tools, Data mining strategy and Comprehensive Data Management to capitalize the transformation of the data into a more productive form for its justified application.We provide solutions and support to assist companies, industries and research organizations to array the latest tools required for the data sorting and management. These services are sedimentary to obtain a proper, well-defined and usable stock of information from a haystack or piles of large amount of data to empower your business operations.

The BigDecisions Business Solution is known as best-to-best approach in resolving the big data challenges and issues to enhance the business growth. The approach consist of high defined use cases, big data technology solutions and data management tools to meet the complex demands.

 We are providing services across diverse gamuts:
•  Financial and Insurance Industry
•  Life ScienceIndustry
•  HealthcareIndustry
•  Communication, Media and EntertainmentIndustry

Some of the Big Data services are:
•  Big Data Strategy and Roadmap Definition
•  Technology Evaluation and Piloting
•  Data Visualization and Analytics
•  Implementation Ideas
•  Big Data Lab on Demand
•  Solution Accelerators
•  BigDecisionsTM Business Solutions

Our Big Data strategies provide the client advanced opportunities to identify the hidden market aspects with in a limited cost and effective improvements. We follow organizational structures, analytical methods, and select the best options accordingly, to solve the business problems.

Cloud Technologies Data Solutions
Data Intelligence System
Proper assessment of the already available data for its volume, density, quality and reliability to ensure better decisions and investment from business perspective

Data Analytics to Business Operations
Our Analytics tool help mine data and organize so as to obtain deeper insights for a smoother and structurally organized performance

Data Storage and Management
Our latest, technologically advanced data obtaining tools and devices for storing data are capable of identifying and/or storing information in a more simplified, easily-obtainable and reproducible manner. Pertaining to the current market requirement, it is essential to keep a pace-oriented, flexible and quick program for storing as well obtaining data

Data Structure and Observance
For a more objective application of the data, our DSA tool is subjective to offer comprehensible and sustainable strategies for maintaining assets and business operations effectively

Data Migration
From migrating data to more accessible location to its sorting, our programs and tools are directed to achieve that in a more user-friendly manner.

  • Columnar databases and sorting
  • Big data info systems
  • Upgrading the data systems
  • Technical device integration for data mining

Our Data Analytics aims at transforming the clustered array of database into more of a structured and well-planned information guide for a better and enhanced business operational capability.

We focus on controlling the budget for our client, simultaneously ensuring the stability, security, agility and better speed. This analysis approach help the business professional to meet the unidentified challenges and remove them before it even happen.

Internet is becoming broad now days. Every enterprise store data, may be less or may be more. People, business, enterprises, devices and many other thing are connected on cross-platforms via internet. Information  can be accessed easily, anywhere and anytime.Thus managing this much information is a major aspect. So, here comes the idea for BIGDATA.

BigData captures, manages and analyzes information of several enterprises, providing a simplified architecture for the clients. CloudBigD can efficiently integrate the new big data architectures to a traditional operational design, which will help the clients in delivering quality output.

Big data analytics, on the other hand processes and examine the hidden patterns and irrelevant information, from the Big data. The analysis helps in segregating the essential information, which will be useful for the clients in making better decisions.The analytic solutions helps in providing simple, faster and reliable processing of information.

Some of the CloudBigD solutions are:

  • CloudBigD Unified Computing System (UCS): The UCS provides computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture. It will also helps in providing end-to-end server visibility, management, and control to the clients.
  • Integrated Server Management: The  UCS Manager is an embedded and policy-based management system which  help in proper IT administration, and provides server a wide range of server configuration policies. Entire server management helps the client in removing errors within a short time and also provide cost effective solutions.
  • Integrated Network Management: CloudBigD network architecture can serve both traditional databases and big data solutions.
  • Integrated Data Management: CloudBigD manages the flow of data among several applications, at a minimum cost to attain higher revenue.