Enterprise Mobility
strrrDue to the emerging technology challenges these days, every organization minor or major faces the risk situations. In order to deal with these kind of adverse situations the It companies are implementing enterprise mobility system to make the connection more secure among employees, consumers, customers and their partners.The employees bringing their own mobile devices gives them access to several user friendly applications and software, and also increase the number of productivity count by,simultaneously reducing the risk of customer satisfaction.

Now days about 60% of the IT employees are using their own devices at work. It gives a benefit that the employees can take up the task at home too and can work on it more, if required.The projected sales of smartphones and tablets have been increased up to billions into 2013. Several companies are designing their own applications, have their own tools so that employees can easily login, and access it while moving here and there too.On the other hand it also provides operational stability, data and device security and governance of the system.

Enterprise mobility has revolutionized the way organizations carry out their business procedures. One of the most important aspects of this intense transition is the gamut of offerings mobility technology has to offer. Enterprise mobility allows organizations to practically carry forward their business and operations in a more concise, rapid, and accessible manner.While most of the organizations have embraced the current and catching trend of mobile business, there are several organizations that have yet not tethered their business from the contemporary spot. Whatever, the reason may be, challenges related to costly procedures, risk mitigation, data management, and complementary solutions are among the most common.

CloudBigD provides some of the most comprehensive range of solutions to help drive organizations’ business efficiency. With our solutions, we sweep every corner of the mobility technology integrated with business to offer application and support to enhance the business to reach the global platform.

Our Solutions
Enterprise Management and Mobility
With our enterprise mobility management, we allow organizations in managing devices, technology offerings, procurement, technology deployment, and support.

Mobility and Services Management
In order to reduce the cost and risk associated with transaction models, variable technology deployment, and scalability, we provide mobility and services management agile solutions.

Mobility Technology and Management
We provide conducive platforms for organizations to dissipate their business operations in terms of solutions, products, and support in troubleshooting the architecture across the integrated systems.

Mobility Analytics Solutions
For structured data, we provide advanced mobility analytics tool. Some of the following applications are:
• Geotag details and locations
• System notifications and alerts
• System access and pattern identification

Enterprise Mobility and Security
We have designed our mobile security solutions based on the frameworks that are built of conventional methodologies, along with integration of latest security procedures.
• Data security and optimization
• Enterprise security strategy
• Assessment of the procedures and enhancement

Our Business Advantage
Our solutions are based on unique combination of deep-industry insights and some of the most robust security technology solutions to enable you achieve a safe, secure, and sustainable mobility platform. We offer solutions that are ardent in delivering tangible results so as to drive the business potential to a more advanced level.