erpppngInfor LN is an enterprise resource planning module which is widely used for managing the complex problems, globally. It is also known as BAAN. CloudBigD provides industry specific and cross industry, both kind of services, as per the customer demand. The ERP solution is effective to manage the complex problems in the system.Infor LN solution provides a single and global platform for the enterprise growth. The solutions help in empowering the business operations across diverse segments.

Broadly, Infor LN is a uniquely versatile system which helps in revolutionizing the complex operations into standard and simple form. Via Inforn LN / BAAN approaches we help in improving, accelerating and streamlining the most complex manufacturing processes anywhere in the world.CloudBigD Infor LN solutions are based on a unique virtualized architecture which helps in running the same ERP on diverse systems, platforms, and OS. It also provides high flexibility in managing operations.The advanced ERP solution helps our client in collaborating essential business functions together to work effectively on a scalable, multi-language, open systems platform.

The flexible business operations support of BAAN across all departments including finance, warehousing, transportation and aftermarket service provides strong capabilities in configuration, planning, manufacturing and service management.CloudBigD Infoor LN services are easily usable and provides extensive localization and language support. It also provides visibility of information for the enterprise leaders in minimum budget. It gives you control over every aspect of your manufacturing supply chain, from design through to delivery, and beyond to your after-market service business.

CloudBigD InforErp LN / BAAN Solution Benefits:

  • High responsiveness with minimum cost
  • Effective management of projects
  • Financial analysis
  • Broad service management operations
  • Customer relationship management
  • High operational efficiency to meet the market requirements
  • Quality management
  • Service management
  • Sales and Data management

Our InforLN approach is embedded with new technologies which are helpful in increasing productivity and scalability. The cutting edge technology operations help in providing flexible architecture within the estimated cost.To meet the current market standards and requisites, organizations are being constantly under pressure to enable functionality and proactively attend customer demand in their business operations. However, for appropriate delivery and implementation of such a service is often a costly affair. While the service and technical transformation does offer ample opportunities, enterprises are bit hesitant due to:

  • Improbable compartmentalization
  • Financial constraints
  • End-user specificity
  • Validation of the service

CloudBigD  Technologies, with its expertise and technical solutions, aim to focus these redundancies and promote the growth of the enterprise in a manner more suitable to the production operation.
Our Services
Some of our very sophisticated yet resilient Infor ERP LN/BAAN solutions include:
Industry requisite analytics: Assessing market trends and features, product compatibility and space for improvement
Quality Assessment: Testing products, production process and financials associated for its quality, efficacy and reliability
Planning and Service Management: Custom-enabled manufacturing assessment, enhanced systems and data integration, optimal framework for production tools
Production: Managing production procedures, raw material utilization and analysis, testing the functionality of the manufacturing plant, optimized solutions for product handling and layout
Supply Chain: Managing marketing and sales, building network through global network solutions (GNS), end-user customer support

CloudBigD Technologies has deep expertise in the application of BAAN enterprise resource planning for development, productivity and efficiency. Our services work in close approximation with

  • Trition and Infor LN
  • Desk support and technical assistance
  • Managed solutions
  • Archiving services and Integration
  • Infor Application Implementation
  • Infor Auditing services
  • Staffing services
  • Integrated Developmental solutions

Cloud Advantage – Infor ERP LN

  • Access to some of the most latest technology on the floor – applications, system integration and technical procedures
  • Smooth and industry capable operations for enhanced brand visibility and efficiency
  • Optimized manufacturing and production methods
  • Improved customer networking and product quality
  • Managing market-based needs for proper application and deployment of the solutions