Consumer Goods And Services
consumerCloudBigD provides optimized ITsolutions to help organizations manage their production and operational capability for business segments such as food manufacturing, personal care, health and hygiene, agriculture, beverage production and apparels. Our solutions are in-line with the current technological advancements and latest innovative technologies to help them leverage the opportunities existing in the current industry. Additionally, transforming the business operations to a more optimized and industry-specific process, major manufacturing change and promoting growth on a large- and small-scale mediums.

We are ardent in providing the required technical assistance and IT solutions to help you redefine the conventional manufacturing and management operations so as to suit the consumer-centric requisite and taste. Our innovative IT solutions enable our clients to manage products, manufacturing and delivery more efficiently and conveniently. Our solutions tend to re-engineer the approach by which clients and producers can be connected on a more radical platform.

Industry Challenges
While the industry provides ample opportunities for the clients and offers a more conducive environment for potential business growth, it does have its associated challenges that most company either to fail to address or, and perhaps most importantly, isn’t aware of. However, these issues are mostly related to the development of the novel product, manufacturing efficiency and client management.
We have listed some of the most common challenges faced by industries.
• Proper management of analytics and insights
• Infrastructure management and protocol optimization
• Mobility services and manufacturing redundancy
• Packaging, production and delivery management
• Product testing and validations
• Toxicity and market applicability
• Regulatory compliance and authority approval
• Marketing

Our Solutions
CloudBigD offers some of the most resilient IT solutions to effectively manage supply chain analytics, manufacturing procedures, marketing and goods delivery. Our solutions help you achieve complete transformation across all your packaged goods. With our in-depth expertise in the industry, backed by years of experience, we provide IT assistance and solutions in the precincts of apparels, food processing, personal hygiene, healthcare products, beverage and agriculture.Some of the solutions are listed below:

Manufacturing and Optimization
For effective manufacturing operations, we offer IT solutions that are particularly focused on real-time monitoring and assessment.
• IT based decision support protocols
• Real-time monitoring and disparate analytics
• Production optimization tools for enhanced efficiency and unit capability

Strategic Planning and Management
To effectively customize your procedures, we provide:
• IT enabled analytics to predict the current trends and future predictions of the market
• Economical and efficient transformational solutions
• Comprehensive integrated technology for consistency and coherency
• Production Analytics and Assessment Solutions

Advanced Business Analytics
For a more pronounced business operations, we offer some of the best-in-class IT solutions to ensure your production and business operations never run out of juice. Following are some of the services that we offer in this segment:
• Prospective resource and retail inventory
• Design optimization and channel resiliency
• Real-time monitoring and evaluation
• Unit assessment and evaluation
• Resource utilization and transformation

Supply Chain Management
Our IT supply chain management solutions particularly focus on:
• Intelligent analytics to determine and regulate demand and production cycle effectively
• Networking protocol tools
• Cost efficient operations and production optimization
• IT enabled warehouse management and monitoring solutions
• Dynamic tools and intelligent technical solutions for inventory assessment and management

CloudBigD IT Solutions Advantage
CloudBigD has been a pioneer in providing packaged IT solutions to meet the industry-oriented demands. Our robust solutions not only offers a comprehensive range of solutions to address the challenges more efficiently but also help you achieve advanced delivery mechanisms and cost management. One of the most striking features of our IT solutions is the compliance with every segment of the business operation – production, infrastructure, marketing and delivery.
Our solutions are based on novel technical procedures with deep industry insight. These IT solutions have been developed in close communion with some of big players in technology.

CloudBigD Consumer Goods and Services operations typically aims at creating a conductive platform for the clients to assist them reach their business to its desired potential. We deliver services that include packaged goods ranging from food and beverages, personal care, home appliances and apparels, cosmetics and agri-health services. The basic idea is to enable the client gain on-hand experience from the consumer and data performance integration.

CloudBigD Consumer Packaged Goods
These packaged goods play a very elemental part of the consumer’s day to day life and thus can be re-used indefinitely. Although it needs continuous replacement, CloudBigD makes sure that despite the rise in margins, these services and products should be evaluated against a more radical and diverse dimension.
At CloudBigD, we direct enterprises and reshape their business strategy to help them make a mark in an entirely new environment. The transformation is brought about by the following key strategies:
E-Marketing that ensures future marketing enterprises to gain strong hold through cloud connection, advanced technical analytics and mobility.
Sales Distribution for proper dissemination of the information on sales, purchases for a more radical approach towards competition.
Channel Distribution addressing staffing portal, sales on the go and distribution of the sales force.

CloudBigD Cosmetics & Apparels
CloudBigD cosmetic and apparels deals in variety of personal care products that are used across the globe. Our product portfolio includes bath and hygiene products, skin care, wedding make up products and daily routine care. We also deal in dry goods that forms a part of our cosmetics and apparels section. Our operations and mode of market research enables us to be an important competitor in this part of the arena. Our diverse field of operations and vast expanse of our customer relations is testimony of our product services.

We strictly follow the following regimens:
• Thorough technical study of cosmetics and apparels for their proper dissemination in the market.
• Better understanding of the competitor business to channel the production and marketing for better achievements.
• Better value for prospective clients and associations.
• Analysis of both, internal and external factors that could impact the industry in question.