bankRetail sector has always been a rapid and challenging industry since its inception. Organizations dealing with the industry tend to manage their operations in a more dynamic and conductive environment; however, the industry does offer some of the challenges, mostly restricting the procedures due to lack of investment, analytics and infrastructure.

CloudBigD’s fully operations and functionally dynamic retail solutions integrated recent IT solutions with the industry domain and characteristics so as to embed organizations in an end-to-end capability and delivery mechanism.Our IT enabled solutions help organizations leverage effective market participation and help to elevate the current practices so as to incorporate more diverse and broad solutions efficiently. Our fast-paced retail solutions and supply chain management integrated IT monitoring and real-time analytics to help identify the current draw in product dissipation, retail management and marketing.

Industry Challenges
Retail industry has seen some of the most apparent transformations over the years. Needless to mention the industry is on the verge of another major transformation owing the manifestation of social media, technology and mobility. However, organizations tend to face strict industry-related compliance challenges and needs to address those so as to overcome the requisites pose by the ever-changing market.With the advent of latest technology at accessible lengths, customers are more than inclines toward easy-to-use products, convenient to operate/consume, and better amenities. Thus, it becomes critical for the organizations to upgrade to better and more sophisticated solutions to optimize operations and processes more effectively.
Some of the challenges associated with retail industry have been summarized below.
• Revenue generation and product delivery
• Optimized multi-channeling and business efficiency
• Robust IT solutions for operation integration and monitoring
• Retail marketing challenges based on geographies and regulatory practices
• Ethical product development practices

Our Solutions
For an optimized retail operation, we provide some of the most resilient and comprehensive range of IT solutions and services that aim to objectify the market requisites and address the challenges effectively and conveniently. CloudBigD has expanded its roots in all sectors of retail industry with its broad-range IT solutions for effective management, procurement and delivery. We help clients in segments like grocery retailing, apparels and merchandising, non-store retailing and healthcare. Our IT-led monitoring and management solutions help clients to be in tune with the challenges the market poses. Besides, we offer advanced and latest technology to address your needs and digital requirements.
Some of the IT enabled solutions have been listed below.
• Optimization of the production, planning and strategical adherence
• Manufacturing performance analytics and infrastructure improvisation
• IT enabled PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
• System enabled data management, data optimization and sorting
• Business process delivery
• IT based analytics for product recovery, efficiency and delivery
• Product implementation and logistic solutions
• Real-time, IT enabled transformation solutions for retail infrastructure
• Supply chain management and procurement
• Enterprise information solution

Business Value
CloudBigD’s IT solutions are equipped with deep-industry expertise so as to assist clients compete at international levels. Moreover, we make sure the IT enabled solutions for assessment and analytics help modulate and channelize the current practices so as to optimize them for pronounced demographic variations for better results.We work in close approximation with our clients to obtain a more featured picture of their operations and extent of market coverage. This enable us to launch more specified and custom IT solutions to address operational challenges, standardize mode of operations and increase business process efficiency and capability.
• Besides providing product manufacturing implementation and system-controlled analytics, we also help organizations in IT generated control mechanisms and logistics management solutions
• Driving organizational operations through customer-specific and market-based solutions
• Infrastructure optimization and logistic analytics
With our IT specific solutions, organizations improve supply chain, reduce market interdependency and improve efficacy and resiliency in their retail operations.

CloudBigD solutions extend its retail operations and services across different niches to ensure clients and customers ascend their rationales in order to justify the market needs. These operations are drafted to provide market participants enough leverage to gear them up for the current market trend. Applications ranging from commodity retail management, product disposition and market-based products are offered for maximum market output.

Consumer Retail Analytics
For better performance in the retail sector, we provide customer-friendly insights that form the basis of smart product marketing, commodity management and associated economy. These methods are result oriented and are directed to ensure customer satisfaction and product competition.
CloudBigD Analytics is based upon market analysis, product demographic mapping, integrated promoting analysis.

Retail: Grocery
Our grocery products continue to dominate most of the supermarket chains including both specialty and independent markets. These market chains are spread across large parts of the States and continue to dominate the food sector. Services in this arena are testimony to our strong market feedback, hefty brand value and quintessential product service that stand at par. Listed below are some of our grocery retail services:
• Custom commodity pricing and management
• Grocery market consulting
• Merchandising assistance ship
• Complete food service and documentation program

At CloudBigD, we understand the needs of the current market trend. While consumers are swiftly inclining towards better market products, pricing and better amenities, it nonetheless becomes imperative to provide companies with better solutions and innovative ideas to compete at local and international levels. In order to maintain a stereotypical assistant in retail solutions, we are vehement in studying the market trend in terms of demographic variations, market amalgamation and product proliferation. We are dedicated to provide better retail solutions to our customers to help them propagate in this arena.