Work and Culture

Cloud BigD’s success has been attributed to the work culture and the value it nurtures in its employees. We are empowered by our workforce that drives the value, diverse culture and intellect at Cloud BigD. It is only through our dedication toward our employees, we aim to create an environment where people can freely share their ideas, perspectives and opinions.

What drives work here?
We strongly lay emphasis on the growth of our exceptional employees. We believe that the foundation to any successful organization is its employee. It is only with the constant support of our employees, we are able to seek better and effective solutions for an improved and brighter future. Our employees stand at par in terms of skills, intellect and cultural values that foster the relationships, seeking ground-breaking ideas and bringing them to life.The fundamental requirement for any organization willing to make an impact is the intellectual and value-driven people. At Cloud BigD, we are lucky to have a pool of them. From diverse backgrounds and different precincts of study, our people have surpassed expectations in terms of caliber, authenticity and intellect.

Our Environment: Our work environment is more like a playground. We have ‘no restriction’ policy to empower people to freely glide through with their ideas. Our work foundation has been fortified with values, traditions and culture, along with the technical scenario being taken into consideration.Below are some of the features of our people and work that drives life here.

Flexible working: We strongly believe in providing a flexible domain for our people so as to not to restrict them in ‘conditions’. With a more open and free work atmosphere, our people are encouraged to go ‘out of the box’ with their ideas and opinions. This not only helps us but also our prospective clients with the services we have to offer.

People Exposure: We have a diverse range of culture, values and traditions at Cloud BigD. People from different arenas of the study come together and share a common platform to support and enhance the ‘big family’ altogether.

Our Approach: Cloud BigD is ardent to keep its employees at their feet. We provide challenging projects and assignments to ensure the potential outcome from the intellectual and skilled approach. This, in turn, favors the prospectus of our working strategy and allows us to embark a trend which is of practical nature.Our solutions and the level of competency speak for the diverse nature of values of and culture, we have.

Our Proposition
Cloud BigD offers one of the most conducive and personality enhancing work culture, where our employees enjoy open-door working strategy and hands-on IT-enabled technical solutions. We offer our people extensive training procedures to equip them to compete with the technical advancements in the industry.

The pillars of our workplace have been laid on the following propositions:
• Flexible work-life balance
• Comprehensive work structure and choice to choose domains that suits best
• Global exposure to all the employees

We believe in the personal as well professional enhancement of our people. Without their personal interests being met, we can’t progress in the ever-demanding market. In order to sustain a free and sustainable work environment, we have personality enhancement programs to address the academic and technical requisites of our employees.Our employees learn on-the-go, with intense development and training programs, aim to effectively inculcate the practical aspects of the latest technology and innovation.Our comprehensive development and assistance programs are what that sets us apart. We nurture talent, develop insights and give platform to our employees to achieve their goals while they are associated with us.

Cloud BigD ensures that the culture of the people working with, are taken into consideration and is well appreciated. We ensure that the people are comfortable working with us while upholding their culture. There are people from different outlooks working together in a peaceful environment. We ensure that all are respecting each other’s culture, so as to have an equal opportunity without any caste, creed, religion or regional discrimination. While ensuring that every people working with us are practicing their culture, we ensure that they are given the best opportunity to learn and practice others culture also. This will ensure harmony among the staff members who are working with us. We believe that when there is comfort in working together, the production will also increase without any interference from the supervisors.

Unity in diversity is what we practice while we promote and encourage our staff members to uphold their culture without fear. We also encourage them to celebrate the important occasions as per their culture, so that every other people can participate and enjoy the occasion. This has helped us to maintain a cordial relationship between the employees. Our employees feel more comfortable working with us because they are treated equally without any discrimination according to their culture. We believe that every culture has to co-exist and pave the path of harmony among the humanity and make earth a better place to live in. This is what we preach and practice while doing our business. This is what we tell our clients and employees. This is what has helped us to be in the path of sustainable growth all these years.