finavceacWith the window of ample opportunities, most of the financial organizations, banks etc. have been constantly turning up to CloudBigD for assistance and solutions in insurance sector. Not only does it play a pivotal role in aiding their business, it also helps them in building and piling up a stock for their potential business operations and managing efficient practices.

We help our clients build a more efficient business model with our updated and advanced IT-enabled insurance solutions.Most of the organizations tend to invest resources and effort just because of the unpredicted nature of the catastrophes or even risk in business. However, CloudBigD’s insurance solutions ensure you manage your business, enhance your operational efficiency and promote growth and development without any worry.

Justifying the lenders loan to grant for home or automobile loans, thus we tend to preserve both business as well personal transactions. Our basic consumer transaction model provides the best possible insurance cover for the same. The same applies to the business models. We provide insurance aid to initial startups to overcome all the financial hurdles to prosper their business in any sort of monetary transaction.

Industry Challenges
Few of the commonly faced challenges and obstacles, related to the insurance sector that most organization face today, are:

  • Managing an account for cost and investments
  • Natural disasters or professional misfortune
  • Sudden loss of market value
  • Recession and lack of market demand
  • Less expected returns per trade (ERPT)
  • Hindered growth and accessibility in the international market

Our Solutions
CloudBigD provides leading and comprehensive range of solutions to empower your organizations get insured from professional or natural risks in an unprecedented manner. Our agile and innovative insurance solutions aim to respond quickly and efficiently to the competitions, challenges and issues in the seminary. Our IT-based assistance and cloud solutions help to further enhance the digitalization of the overall solutions to achieve resiliency in every phase, operations and management.

For the aforementioned challenges, we offer the following solutions.
Insurance-related BPO and KPO solutions: Aims to dissipate information and prior knowledge before any monetary transaction, deal and agreement
Managing risk and regulation: Authentic compliance with the terms and prospects of regulatory bodies and financial institutions
Transforming Core Business Unit (CBU): We provide some of the most admired and advanced solutions for forms and paper digitalization, transparent reforms and guidelines, expertise for better and safer transaction, platform for managing and planning insurance, system integration and upgradation, application analysis and integration
Customer Relationship and Support: From enterprise marketing and consulting, NextGen portals for web-enabled monitoring, Data analytics and data solutions to mobility solutions, we provide complete support for the financial bodies, organizations and insurers
Transforming Operations: Some of the solutions include operation processing planning, fraud and claims monitoring and management, risk resource development, domain efficiency modeling

IT Solutions
We offer and excel in providing some of the most robust IT-enabled set of solutions and are striving to cover financial grounds on a more realistic basis.

  • Business process consulting
  • Health and Material Insurance
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile services and technical support
  • Property insurance consultation

Why Us?
Our intense network and comprehensive collaboration with some of the leading and established financial institutions, annuity insurers and banks have enabled us to deliver high-performance business solutions in this volatile market. We focus to plan, design and implement solutions that are targeted to the immediate needs of the clients. Our top expertise plans to execute the challenge in a more radical approach with their decades of experience and uncountable insurance resource tools and documentation.Our IT-based solutions have further speed up the process of digitalizing and implementing our tools and solutions.CloudBigD’s insurance solutions are ardent to reduce the associated cost with the operations, management and execution, Furthermore, we aid in improving efficacy, resiliency and productivity.