Employees First


Success of any organization is closely related to its employee satisfaction. It is the employee that forms the core value of the company, bridging the gap between the client and the service provider and nurturing relationships.At Cloud BigD, we have a different approach of ‘work’. Prior to any solution or service, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our employee at the first place. The current identity of us, as a pioneer in IT-based solutions, has been reinforced by our employee network.

We are constantly developing the hierarchies so as to stay put the concept of higher and administrative management; those responsible for the efficacy of the organization. Our strategy works effectively in the mutual communion with benefits and work satisfaction for the employee and better productivity and outcome for the company per se.
The employee’s contribution is, by large, redefining the manner in which we provide our consultation services. The force behind this initiative has a burning desire and urge to do things the way it’s never been done before.Our work culture aims to preserve the notion that every individual should be allowed to put forth his perception, ideology and support so as to empower the growth of an organization as a whole. Our culture ensures that each employee feels as a critical part of the organization, is important to play a specific role and contributes toward the forbearance of the company.

We are moving toward the loop as one of the most exciting and innovative companies to work with. Our following set of principles has allowed us to make certain commitment toward our employees so as to foster their own growth; personally as well as professionally.
Annual Gala
We conduct annual meetings and get together to discuss:
• future prospects of our IT-based solutions
• address the challenges of senior management
• observing the current patterns of the industry and technology
• jotting down plans and executions for coming year
• agenda, typically dedicated to the growth of our employees

Employee Assessment Quarterly assessment of our employee, either by senior management or by the executives so as to provide necessary expertise and assistance to help them excel at their respective positions
Upside-down feedback Employees are encouraged to give a fair feedback toward their doyens in a more open and discussion-friendly atmosphere. This allows the employee to freely and effectively communicate his ideas, suggestions and feedbacks
Online Tracking System (OTS) One of the most anticipated applications of our own IT-based solutions. Employees can raise a ticket or issue related message that is constantly evaluated by an expert in the relevant field