Integrated communications
ap3Current technology offers unlimited opportunities to the business establishments to enhance and develop their production, Advances in communication technology and networking provides a more conducive approach for variety of businesses to flourish. However in order to pursue the same, there are a lot of issues that remain unattended from point to point.

To reach the potential clients and the target audience it is elemental to keep track with the fast paced technology and its offerings. At Cloud Data we provide comprehensible and innovative programs and solutions like development programs and strategy seminars to different niches of target populations; public relations, digital media and communications. These services and solutions broadly covers diverse group of the customers and organizations like non-profit organizations, industry communions, government institutes and multinational establishments. These services ensure to make you stand apart through innovation and reliability in communication technology.

What do we offer?
Wireless communication services
Wireless communications in the current precinct stands apart in terms of ease of access and quick information at hand. Thus exploiting the same, Cloud Data provides designing and installation of wireless communication in order to assist the population to access the related information at ease while addressing the security issues optimally. Our services also include high-speed internet and intranet communications, managing public portal and customer needs efficiently.

Telecom Solutions
Cloud data provides a proactive approach to reduce the cost and effort while using data and wireless communication mode. Our facilities include communication inventory management, installation protocols, process operation and optimization and technical assistance with documentation.

Networking & Communications
Cloud Data provides a robust and proven networking solution to meet the potential networking requirement your company deserved. Our service ranges from innovation, designing, installation and security of these networks. Our services include implementations in Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and optical fibres. Our features are typical for the company standards and are specifically advantageous for;

  • Managing pre and post-operative costs
  • Applying complex and sophisticated upgrades, applications and installations
  • Better connectivity through enhanced networking and operations
  • Minimizing network and data loss

Besides these, we also offer systematic video communication and management services to enable better collaboration for more productivity and development. Our networking and base optimization ensure business operations in proper alignment with the networking strategy.