Media and Entertainment
mediaenterEntertainment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the current scenario; with ample opportunities for organizations to leverage its fruits. Moreover, the technology has seen a drastic turnaround with the advent of the technical revolution couple of years back. With more than the two-thirds of the actively engaged population, the industry is keen to bridge the gap between masses so as to bring them together for communicating the information more effectively and efficiently.

The industry offers very conducive atmosphere for technology enterprises and organizations to embrace its applications. However, varied and diverse it may seem, the industry is not spared from the archetypical challenges as being faced by most of the other industries.CloudBigD aims to provide information solutions so as to bring together the aspects and empower organizations to achieve a more radical approach toward deploying, implementing and organizing their operations.

Industry Challenges
Capitalization of the channel outlets and novel product implementation has been one of the most critical challenges faced by organizations. However, with right application of the IT solutions and domain expertise, CloudBig D has managed to appear a pioneer in this precinct.
Some of the challenges haves been discussed below:
• Diversified nature of the media communications
• Unrealistic market demands in terms of productivity, efficiency and limit
• Time constraints
• Disparate IT infrastructure
• Means of establishing a well-defined and user-friendly approach for communication and technology juncture
• Outlet discrepancy
• Advertisement, content and documentation requirement

Our Solutions
IT Enabled Media and Entertainment Solutions
We have some of the most resilient and proactive IT solutions to help you address the core competency factors and address challenges more effectively. With our IT media solutions, we help clients expand into new novel horizons and further leverage their requisites into an entirely new projections and dimensions. From plan optimization, appropriation of the global model, execution and management, domain evaluation and trend assessment, we cover all the important laid down of the industry.
• IT enabled tagging solutions
• Digitalization of the content
• IT enabled IP management
• Concise solutions for IT infrastructure
• Content maintenance and documentation
• Distribution analytics, IT based categorization and project related tools
• Residual projection evaluation

IT Information Tools and Solutions
For an effective and well-integrated workforce, we have devised dedicated IT solutions to help you manage all your infrastructural needs, information dissipation, information optimization, quality assurance and centralization of the project-based strategies.
• Intelligent IT analytics
• Reporting, standardization and optimization
• Horizontal IT solutions for medium integration, location-based clientele adjustment and digitalized content enhancement
• IT consulting and enterprise management
• Information resource management
• Asset assessment, evaluation and development for better circulation and system improvement

IT and Broadcasting
CloudBig D offers stringent IT solutions that targets different forms of digital content so as to develop a continuous string of industry transformation via information dissipation. Domains like advertisement, IT application, multi-channel centralization; IT analytics etc. are our strong zones. We ensure our solutions are in line with the ethics to foster consumer relationship beyond just viewership and entertainment platform through targeted content delivery and efficient management of the assets.
• IT specific infrastructure assessment, analytics and evaluation
• Stringent systems to enable infrastructure enhancement
• Syndication procedures for better exposure
• Content and information integration
• IT networking and social media tools

Our Advantage
While the industry has reached its peak in delivery the consumer-specific content and entertainment modules, we point out some of the challenges so as to contribute toward the development of the entertainment industry and help clients reap better profits.
• Smart IT services and assistance in driving clients to proactively engage, interact and experience better graphics, visual and content
• Novel syndication and teleporting solutions
• Improved analytics and assessment solutions
• IT based analytics to identify disparate systems
• Seamless integration of the domain expertise for flexible performance
• Efficient processes and robust IT capabilities

Media and entertainment today has revolutionized the current scenario in the technology sector, history has ever witnessed. The platform specifically is very elemental as it brings together masses and ensures a very conductive atmosphere for the communication from audience to industry and vice versa.
Embracing the gradual shift in this arena of technology, CloudBigD solutions is ardent to contribute towards this digital revolution to help the enterprise blossom financially and the associated entertainment.

Our roots in media and entertainment
Broadcasting:With strong expertise in worldwide broadcasting, we offer different forms of digital content that aims at developing a continuous string of industry transformation. The current industry is nor more of a complex interactions between different niche rather than simply a liner progression. Products like advertisement portal, mobile application, multi-channel commerce; social analytics etc. is what we specialize in. We operate with the methodology to build strong relationship with the consumer beyond just viewership and entertainment platform through targeted content delivery and efficient management of the assets.

Entertainment:From entertainment point of view, we provide a variety of products and services that enables our customers to expand into new novel horizons and further addressing their projects into never before projections. Our extensive approach in this arena consists of major services ranging from, but is not restricted to, optimization of the plan, execution and management and appropriation of the global model. The result of the our services is reflected in the diverse studios, cable networks, global broadcasters and media companies that more than often execute their projections in a mutual communion.

Publishing: With the gradual shift towards the digitalization of the content, it becomes imperative to link the conventional paper-based content and reading material with the digital content to cover a more wide audience. This strategy will not only be practically sound but would also have lower operational costs. With a more extensive working expertise with leading publishing groups, CloudBIgD provides a more dynamic platform for the publishing sector landscape. From magazines, newspapers, books, audio and journals, our customers are constantly evolving in terms of reinventing publishing models and digitalization of the content. We operate by keeping a clear frame to make our customers meet their prospective targeted and financially sound publishing executions.