Corporate Governance

Strong leadership and governance are keys to long-term success. This is what is taking us forward for all these years, right from the birth of Cloud BigD. We have in our board the most informed and knowledged digniteries. Our leadership understands the client requirements and provides valuable guidance to our clients in formng the best strategies for their successful business. Our team has expertise in various arena such as Software development, finance, information technology, human resources, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, research & development , sales, engineering, supply chain, et al. We are a one stop shop for all the client expectations.

This makes our clients to be one step ahead of their competitors. Our clients feel safe and secure when they have their very first interaction with our experts in formulating the business strategies. We ensure that our clients privacy is safe and secure with us. We govern by ensuring our clients with the best business etiquite. We align our quality policy with the objectives to ensure compliance and integrity by supporting our clients with adherence to Global standards.

Our paramount objective is to help our client to succeed in achieving their financial goals. We always continue to innovate and ensure sustained growth of our shareholders. We are committed to deliver world class service to ensure our clients delight by using updated technology. We are committed ourselves of being good corporate citizens with the highest ethical standards and being the best choice to our clients by having a knowledgeable, committed and spirited workforce.Corporate governance aims at enhancing the revenue generating potential of an organization through ethical and value-driven practices. However, to effectively deploy it, appropriate practices, ethical operations and business management is of imperative value. Transparent and customer-oriented practices are what it requires to gain trust and nurture relationships in the long-run.

Our Policy
Corporate governance requires a transparent, well-informed and expert personnel so as to effectively conjugate the practices with the business perspective in order to enhance the potential company possess. Our engagement with prospective companies and organizations aims at developing an overall robust and value-added bond that empowers the business and scale new heights.
Our expert panel, with their decades of experience, works in close communion at the juncture of corporate governance and business management. They ensure that the practices, applied, serves well and meet the requisites for the organizational benefit.

Our Principles
Our expert panel understands the requisites of the client and the challenges that come along. With an expertise in diverse precincts of business and industry, we are ardent to provide strategies and implement practices to ensure you experience a transparent, logical and productive service.Cloud BigD’s core corporate governance service works on the following principles:
Unrestricted flow of management and business strategies so as to foster the development of the organization in a real-time manner
• Monitoring of the framework so as to ensure the safety and efficacy of the services and practices thus applied
• Compete takeover of the corporate governance responsibility, without any restraints, for empowering and driving the business forward
• Toll-checks to ensure the power invested in management is utilized in a transparent and business-bound manner
• Effective removal of the gap between the potential consumer and the executive force to promote better returns and revenue

Cloud BigD strongly emphasizes ‘effective and transparent’ operations. We believe explaining and presenting the terms and practices in a more lucid manner would not only assists both the associations efficiently but also minimizes the risk associated with jeopardizing the organization’s strategic and business interests.Not only does it removes barriers to social and professional openness but also helps building a atmosphere, conducive for an optimized, well-managed and effective business.
Our prime objectives are:
• Enhancing the accountability by creating valid, understandable and applicable practices
• Maintaining transparency in all business operations
• Promoting business scrutiny through expert objectives and assessment

We are obstinate to keep the business interests of our collaborators preserved. Services, that are being offered, are not only resilient in delivering performance-based outcomes but also create space for further improvement and growth. We are committed to provide a workforce, equipped with skills, ethical practices and those who laid the foundation of cornerstone technology and innovation.Deploying and implementing services, at one hand, does provide an organization a scope to reassess and optimize its operations; however, an internal control system is all but essential to effectively gauge the exploitation capability and the productive potential.

Internal Control and Framework
Cloud Big D deploys internal auditing and control mechanisms to effectively evaluate the risks for their measure and potency. Our annual risk assessment covers different divisions of an organization as a whole, thereby maintaining a uniform and transparent work flow. Our experts are dynamic and actively engaged in monitoring the risk assessment and evaluate practices based on the assessment results. This ensures deploying practices that are ethical and are fit to enhance the enterprise all together.