Freight and logistics
frilopngCloudBigD provides expert IT solutions for developing a winning strategy and addressing the challenges, logistic market faces today.We help organizations integrate technology-innovation solutions, advanced mechanisms and value-added capability to overcome the financial and economic obstacle, whilst maintaining the operational functionality as the utmost level.We provide freight and logistic establishments, financial operation assistance, wider and more productive approach to the market requirements and acquisition integration.

Industry Challenges
Freight and logistics market has seen a tremendous makeover over the past few decades. Although the market is very conductive for current players in the arena, it nonetheless brings stiff competition, higher financial aspects and multi-functionality approach in order to retain the market value.
Some of the challenges are:

  • Maintenance of applications for legal and financial overviews
  • Cost efficiency for IT solutions and technologies for enhancement and development
  • Lack of appropriate resources
  • Integrating the IT solutions with the conventional enterprise application

Our IT Solutions
CloudBigD has been dedicated to address the industry challenges in a more conducive and transparent manner. Not only we have the required expertise, but we also tend to integrate advanced IT-based solutions to make the process quick, efficient and economical.

Enhancement and Modernization
We deliver high-performance application development solutions with our unique legacy and architectural integration methodology. This integration ensures optimum efficacy and resiliency besides:

  • reduction in total ownership-associated finances
  • more user-friendly approach toward the infrastructure module
  • more open-end resource ligation

Freight Forwarding

  • Freight business across international borders requires a clear introspection of the business strategy and compliance with the international business regulations. However despite these challenges there is an urgent need to deliver business internationally for a more global turnover and exposure.
  • At CloudBigD, we help our customers find their international businesses a path. These services follow a set pattern of compliance with international regulations and supply management.

Service Integration
With a more practical and deep-industry association, our experts are being able to effectively merge the IT solutions with the client’s applications. This ensures:

  • management of the process
  • effective and complementary support
  • more robust platform for acquisitions
  • rapid time-to-transition

Freight and Cargo
We provide a wide range of IT-enabled transportation services through air, rail and road to ensure the timely delivery of business across national and international borders. Our cargo services are one of the most important facets of our freight solutions and services. Majority of the services include

  • Better visibility of different aspects of the same business for enhanced decisions and profit
  • More advanced import and export control
  • More specific and on-time delivery depending upon the product and market legacy systems
  • Better market coverage through different types of transportation depending upon the requirement and area accessibility

Our third party logistic IT services provide solutions and technical assistance following a multimodular approach. Of many services, few are notably given below:

  • Freight tracking and financial analysis
  • Service requirement and associated procedures
  • Research and development involvement
  • Capital investment and total monetary transaction
  • Product designing and manufacturing
  • Quality control

Our Highlights

  • Highly experienced technical assistance-ship with in-depth solutions on commercial products, equipment’s and servers
  • Efficient supply chain for the market and highly extensive market analysis beforehand
  • Sophisticated technical systems and tools for better service delivery, advanced applications and efficient yet quick technical interface

Cloud Advantage
We understand the requisites of the organization being faced today. Managing freight and logistics has been more complex and resource utilizing sector ever-since. Without proper application and deployment, the trend may have drastic outcomes on the organization and its benefits.CloudBigD provides stringent safety and management IT solutions so as to ensure the depth and volume of resources being invested, cost-time ratio management and interface with some of the most advanced IT-based technologies.

While maintaining the compliance of the industry and its applications, CloudBigD ensures your operations are equipped with optimized and sound systems and application so as to assist further in cost reduction, time management and overall efficiency.