Conference and Events
huCloudBigD’s technical and business events are one stop for all your business analysis and key tenants. Driven a vast network of highly professional business and technical experts in the seminary, these events are designed to ensure you get the best out of it. Skill enhancement, better initiative and operational strategies, analysis of elemental factors pertaining to any business approach, planning, development and growth – you can access it all at our one point access at CloudBigD’s conference and events. In the coming sections, we shall discuss some of the great reasons on “Who’s & Why’s” regarding attending these events.

Our conference and events and follows a rather inclusive approach toward the operations and management whilst maintaining the decorum of the primary objective – planning, strategy and management. Besides events, our annually and quarterly technical workshops provide well-designed and strategic approach on “how to plan and act” operations.

Who should attend?
These events are specifically designed and intended for business operatives, customers, employees, technical vendors and integrators and system specialists. However, the choice to attend our events is not restricted to only these precincts. These events provide first-hand knowledge and assessment of the current trend in different sectors.

  • Project managers and implementers
  • Project developers
  • Business administrators
  • Software programmers and administrators
  • IT executives and managers
  • Business leads
  • System managers
  • Hardware and storage managers
  • Various IT professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Admin executives

Why to attend?
CloudBigD’s events provide a great deal and broad range of consulting, information and development services. We have in-house training as well as some of the features of the events given as under:
Events & Conferences

  • Assessment of marketing strategies and plans for untouched fertile market places and destinations
  • Local and international survey assessment of business operation, performance and pitfalls
  • Analysis of the business sector from the perspective of development, market and performance
  • Monitoring industry performance, trends and other investments
  • Novel ideas for planning, operations and business deals
  • Broaden your network with top business gurus, technical giants on solutions, ideas or just a discussion on something relevant
  • Refresh your systems, operations and strategies with latest technical trends, hardware and software support and value-added services

In-house events training

  • Developing skills for organizing and hosting various technical and business events worldwide
  • Benchmarking for venue, host city and destination planning
  • Assessment of Convention Bureaux
  • Hosting and addressing skills
  • Event management training and tools, mandates for organizers and analysis of business sectors for attendees
  • Proper assessment of infrastructure and investments and modifications (as it requires)