erpppngEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions help in streamlining the overall revenue generation process. CloudBigD solutions, helps in achieving improved compliance, administrative processes, and data accuracy and transparency. Amidst the current market trends and the constant varying nature, ERP services have lost the sheen for its next-generation capabilities. However, if appropriate, ERP solutions provide some of the most comprehensive resource planning systems for optimized management and enhanced productivity. For companies to stay upfront, it is imperative on their part that they analyze and assess the market requisites, enterprise data and perform business intelligent operations in real-time to foster growth and development.

In order to gain such agility and efficiency, CloudBigD Technologies bring to you cloud-specific ERP solutions integrated with technology-based innovations so as to give your organization wings to support business needs and provide a basic platform to carry out the modern day business operations efficiently.CloudBigD ERPSolution benefits:Increasing revenue,Streamlining operations and activity,Improvising data accuracy and transparency,High flexibility, productivity and scalability,Minimizing cost, time and other redundant features

CloudBigD Technologies Offerings
We realize the importance of properly implementing the ERP solutions to enable an apparent business and financial growth. Thus, we have integrated some of the most robust modern technologies with our conventional methods to cover the broad spectrum of the current precinct.

ERP Application

  • Oracle application
  • ERP planning and management
  • SAP orientation solution and planning
  • ERP recovery and data management solutions
  • Verification and validation

ERP System Solutions

  • SaaS solutions
  • IT infrastructure and management
  • ERP contract solutions
  • Business operations and Solutions
  • ERP manufacturing process optimization
  • ERP engineering solutions
  • Product management services

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud-computing IT strategy and efficacy
  • Customer database integration
  • Migration and maintenance of data; legal, formal and personal
  • ERP intra-organizational solutions

Payroll and Staffing

  • Managing finance and accounts
  • Intra-organizational program management and consulting

CloudBigD Technologies’ ERP solutions are tailor-made assessment and consultation solutions, to provide some of the most resilient strategies to overcome the market requisites whilst keeping a track of cost and risk mitigation.Our services significantly promote business operations and expose them to an overall diversified platform – breeding grounds for productivity and efficacy.

We provide simplified technical aspects of the service for you make seamless decision and productivity-oriented business processes to achieve the desired information and outcomes in real-time.CloudBigD professionals are conversant with the best-in-class ERP services, to generate the revenue for the cooperative. Some of the services that we mainly focus are:

  • SAP Tax and Revenue Management
  • Oracle Enterprise Tax Management
  • SAP (HR/Finance)
  • Oracle (HR/Finance)